Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes

Western Power Distribution owns and operates the electricity distribution system in the East & West Midlands, the South West of England and South Wales. This system consists of underground cables, overhead lines and substations operating at voltages from 132,000 volts down to 230 volts and feeds over 7 million customers.

Electricity supply companies use our system to deliver electricity supply to their customers. WPD covers a huge area, so our 6,000 staff are constantly at work maintaining, repairing and extending our network.

Our People

At the sharp end of the operation are our Craftspeople. These are highly trained employees who we tend to divide into groups as follows;

  • Craftsperson Overhead lines - works on the overhead lines which can be supported by wood poles or steel towers (pylons)
  • Craftsperson Jointer - works on the underground cables
  • Craftsperson Fitter - a small number of people work on the switches and transformers in our substations
  • Plus we have a number of staff who work on our radio, microwave and fibre-optic telecommunications systems

The Training Team will choose which skills each individual apprentice will follow. This choice will be made on the basis of what skills are likely to be required in the future for each local area, but there is no reason why apprentices cannot apply for vacancies that may arise for different skills to those they have been trained in.

Our Training Scheme

We are looking for people to train through the WPD Technical Apprenticeship Scheme to become Craftspeople throughout the Midlands, South West and South Wales.

The core training lasts for a minimum of two years, depending on progress, during which time the apprentices will be required to pass their City & Guilds 2339 Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates in Electrical Technology Engineering exams through Manchester Open Learning and complete our Technical Apprenticeship Record (TAR) Portfolio.

Most of the WPD training will be ‘on-job’ in a local depot with established Craftspeople, but a significant proportion will involve the apprentice attending formal training courses at either of our purpose built Training Centres.

These components are an absolute requirement of the apprenticeship, so the apprentice cannot progress into full employment with WPD unless they have completed or passed all of the elements.

The work involves the climbing of poles and pylons, together with digging and manual handling of plant across rough ground, so physical fitness and confidence is essential.

After successful completion of their core training, the apprentices will work with an experienced craftsperson for a development period, typically between three and twelve months, in order to gain the necessary authorisations to work with live low voltage electrical systems.

At any time during their training, apprentices can apply for vacant Craft positions as they arise across the company. If successful at interview, apprentices will be appointed on a ‘designate’ basis pending completion of their training.

If you know of anyone who enjoys the outdoors and who would be interested in a long-term career with WPD, please advise them that we are now recruiting. We are offering competitive terms and condition of employment and excellent career prospects.

Successful candidates are required to have, or expect to attain, at least five GCSE Grade C or above exam results, including Maths, English and/or Welsh and one science subject, or to have equivalent recognised qualifications in relevant subjects such as mechanical or electrical engineering.


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Closing date: 29th June 2012

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