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Benefits of being a First Aider

First Aid Training…how can it benefit you as an employer?

First Aid training can be very beneficial. Every employee in an organisation is recommended to have some form of First Aid qualification as there will be more people there to avoid an accident in the workplace if more people had the qualification. You must ensure that your workers receive immediate attention when injured or taken ill as this is a legal requirement. Employees must have the correct resources, personnel and equipment at hand to deal with an emergency.

Take a look below how First Aid training can benefit yourself or your company.

It could save a life

It seems like the most obvious reason but it is also the most important. When an accident occurs, a first aid qualified employee will have the confidence and understanding to take action in the event of an accident. Both the Emergency First Aid and the First Aid at Work course cover the topic of CPR. Immediate action with CPR has proven to save lives time and time again.
Lowering occupational hazards

By attending First Aid Training delegates will know how to be more conscious of risks and hazards in the workplace. They will be able to spot potential dangers before any accidents happen. Issues will also be brought up quicker to the relevant people. Having the right knowledge will help towards lowering the amount of occupational injuries in the workplace.

Using a first aid kit correctly

Having an appointed person present to maintain your first aid kit is very beneficial. It will always be fully stocked if an appointed first aider is monitoring its content. In an emergency someone will be able to act quickly if all the resources are accessible. Acting quickly will therefore lower the severity of the injury or illness.
Increasing the recovery speed of your staff

Before a medical professional arrives someone acting quickly can be crucial and the healing time of an injury or illness can be drastically reduced as a result of this. From the point of view of an employer; the quicker your employee recovers, the quicker they can get back to work. This can only be seen as a plus.
It’s a transferable skill

First aid isn’t just important in the workplace; the skills you pick up from training can be used for the rest of your life. A friend, family member or member of the public may need to be administered first aid in the future. You just need to make sure that your knowledge is refreshed every three years and that your certificate is still valid. The qualification also looks great to future employers on your CV. 

You can take home more than just First Aid skills


The course can help increase confidence and is a great team building exercise.


To find out more about the First Aid courses 3B Training provide and the venues we deliver it in visit our First Aid Courses page.

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