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What Apprenticeship Would Suit You?

There are quite literally hundreds of different careers paths available, so it’s completely understandable if you feel a bit lost when making the decision about which career path best suits you. 

It ’s a common myth that apprenticeships are only for practical industries – in fact, you can explore up to 200 different career paths through an apprenticeship, including social media, accountancy, and management. 

Although this article won’t predict your future and the career you choose, here are a few useful tips and ideas that can help you understand where your skills best lie:  

Stick with what you enjoy 
It’s important for you to build an awareness of your greatest skills, and also to research what careers you can best use them – but it’s even more important that you enjoy what you choose as a career. 

Are you a skilled at writing, and also enjoy it? There are a number of careers where you can utilise this skill, such as social media and digital marketing. Do you have strong social skills, and are confident with figures? Perhaps you would suit a customer service or property services career path.

Knowing what gives you great satisfaction and pride is the first step to choosing a career that you find fulfilling.

Ask for opinions
Writing about yourself can be tricky – it’s the reason why so many people struggle with their CV or a cover letter when applying for jobs.  
Sometimes, it’s best to get the opinion of other people who know you well – your parents, colleagues, school friends, or even teachers could have a thing to say about what role could suit you. 
There are hundreds of roles up for grabs, some of which you may not have even heard of. Other people (particularly those with more experience) may tell you all about roles that you may find interesting, that you’ve never heard of before.  

Ask yourself the right questions
You can also ask yourself questions such as ‘I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do…’, ‘My friends always say I’m great at…’, and ‘When I retire, I want to be known for…’ Quizzes and questions may not give you a concrete answer, but they can be a great starting point to knowing what roles your skills and personality would be best used.

Gain experience
The best way to learn if a job may be right for you is to experience it first-hand. You can either gain short term work experience or take part in a traineeship programme, which last up to 16 weeks. 

Traineeships not only give you crucial work experience, but also improve your maths, English, and employability skills. If you’re successful in your traineeship and find that you really enjoy the role, you could progress onto an apprenticeship or even stay on into a full time position with the company.

Take a quiz
There are a variety of online career assessment tests and quizzes that can help you decide what jobs would be a good fit. 

This apprenticeship quiz can help you decide what role would be right for you based on your personality traits, the decisions you make, and the people who inspire you. Take the QUIZ here.

Babington can help you find an apprenticeship role to suit you. Take a look through their available roles here, or you can contact a career advisor here.


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