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Top Health & Safety Training Courses for Office Workers

In the UK every year there are multiple injuries to Office Workers.

Accidents in the workplace can be lowered considerably by the relevant health and safety training. Take a look below at some of the possible training courses office workers can attend.

First Aid Courses

It doesn’t mean because an office is generally a low risk environment that there isn’t a need for first aid. Although accidents in an office tend to be minor they can also be very diverse. To be prepared for the wide range of injuries that may occur; you should attend an Emergency First Aid course. The course will teach you how to properly stock your first aid kit so that you are ready in the event of an emergency.

During the course you will learn how to attend to eye injuries, cuts, burns and sprains. Even though such instances are uncommon; you will also gain vital skills in attending to casualties who are bleeding or choking. AED and CPR training is also included in the course.

Manual Handling

Incorrect manual handling is a cause of over a quarter of all workplace injuries. Reoccurring injuries can also develop over time from incorrect manual handling. Office workers also spend a lot of time sitting down; this can leave them prone to injuries when suddenly lifting or moving quickly.

On a Manual Handling course you will learn how to improve your techniques in manoeuvring objects safely during the training. You will also pick up transferable skills such as reducing and controlling risks and conducting risk assessments.

Supervisors and Management

It’s expected that managers and supervisors understand that they must provide their employees with onsite training. They must also take into consideration training that they need to attend.

As a manager or supervisor you are expected to have covered the same basic training as your workforce at some point in your career. You must also attend the relevant training to make sure you are working the relevant criteria for your role.

For a general audience such as Office Managers the IOSH Managing Safely course is a suitable choice. On the course you will learn how to manage the health and safety of your colleagues, spot potential risks and hazards and gain an understanding in preventing workplace injuries.

Fire Safety Courses

Calling the emergency services and evacuating the building is the standard policy in the event of a fire. By training an employee as an appointed person you will be able exercise this in an organised and safe manner.

To ensure you are prepared for the event of a fire it is advised that your chosen appointed person attends a Fire Warden training course. On the course you will learn how to plan and execute an evacuation procedure and stop the spreading of a fire.

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