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The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is the second of two examination courses that you are required to pass in order to become a registered PRINCE2® Practitioner. Successful completion of this course will indicate that the candidate is able to act as a sufficiently informed member of a Project Management team that uses the PRINCE2® methodology.

Having already gained the basic understanding of the PRINCE2® method and terminology in the PRINCE2 Foundation course, the PRINCE2® Practitioner course aims at providing a deeper insight into the methodology. The Practitioner course will detail the relationships between the Processes, Themes and Principles of PRINCE2® and the reasons behind them. The PRINCE2® Practitioner course will prepare the candidate to be able to apply the method in an appropriate manner within a given set of circumstances and begin to work on projects. With the demand for PRINCE2® continuously increasing, there is no better time to gain a valuable PRINCE2® certification and enhance your employability.

Course Outline - Practitioner

Module 1 Prince 2 Practitioner Introduction

1.1 Prince2 Introduction

1.2 Prince2 Practitioner

Module 2 Organisation

2.1 Organisation

2.2 Organisation­True False Questions

2.3 Organisation Case Study

Module 3 Starting Up A Project

3.1 Starting Up A Project

3.2 Starting Up And Initiating A Project Case Study

Module 4 Business Case

4.1 Business Case­Part1

4.2 Business Case­Part2

4.3 Business Case Study

4.4 Business Case­True False Questions

Module 5 Directing A Project

5.1 Directing A Project

Module 6 Initiating A Project

6.1 Initiating A Project

Module 7 Risk

7.1 Risk

7.2 Risk Case Study

7.3 Risk Register Case Study

7.4 Risk­True False Questions

Module 8 Quality

8.1 Quality­Part1

8.2 Quality­Part2

8.3 Quality­Part3

8.4 Quality Case Study

8.5 Quality Register Case Study

8.6 Quality­True False Questions

Module 9 Plans

9.1 Plans­Part1

9.2 Plans­Part2

9.3 Plan Case Study

9.4 Plans­Product­Based Planning Case Study

9.5 Plans­True False Questions

Module 10 Controlling A Stage

10.1 Controlling A Stage

10.2 Controlling A Stage And Managing Product Delivery Case Study

Module 11 Managing Product Delivery

11.1 Managing Product Delivery

11.2 Work Package Case Study

Module 12 Progress

12.1 Progress­Part1

12.2 Progress­Part2

12.3 Progress Case Study

12.3 Progress­True False Questions

Module 13 Change

13.1 Change­Part1

13.2 Change­Part2

13.3 Change Case Study

13.4 Change­True False Questions

Module 14 Managing A Stage Boundary

14.1 Managing A Stage Boundary

Module 15 Closing A Project

15.1 Closing A Project

Module 16 Prince 2 Practitioner Outro

16.1 Prince2 Practitioner Outro


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