Managing Anger and Challenging Behaviour Level 2

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Course Modules

  • Understanding Anger and Challenging Behaviour
  • Triggers and Causes
  • Managing Anger and Challenging Behaviour
  • Training and Assessment method

    e-Learning, Online (exclusively over the Internet).
    Multiple choice questions (instant results).

    Average study time

    6 hours 34 minutes
    (this time does not in anyway suggest that you personally will complete the course in this time. Some individuals study faster then others so the study time differs from individual to individual.)

    Evidence of achievement

    BYTSYZ e-Learning Certificate of achievement and student transcript.

    This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for:

    This course is designed specifically for individuals who are assisting with the care and management of individuals of any age, from children to the elderly, who demonstrate anger or challenging behaviour (e.g. care workers, managers of care homes, health and social care support workers and anyone else who works with individuals who demonstrate anger or challenging behaviour).

    Course Description

    It is designed to equip care workers with the basic skills and knowledge to support other care staff and those being cared for in situations where an individual displays anger or challenging behaviour. Specifically the course will explore:

    • What is meant by the terms 'anger' and 'challenging behaviour'
    • The signs of anger and forms of challenging behaviour
    • How anger is triggered
    • The causes of challenging behaviour
    • How anger can be diffused and managed
    • How to manage episodes where challenging behaviour is displayed

    The course provides an introductory overview of anger and challenging behaviour management. It focuses on the:

    • Traits and signs of erupting anger and challenging behaviour
    • Situations and events that can lead to difficult situations
    • Triggers for and solutions to controlling anger
    • Causes of, and solutions to, containing challenging behaviour

    The course will appeal to individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including health care workers or anyone who has to deal with situations where anger and/or challenging behaviour are displayed.

    To further embed this new and often complex learning BYTSYZ has included a number of related exercises to encourage:

    • Liaison with managers and senior carers to engage with issues at the local level
    • The contextualisation of learning
    • Consolidation of learning
    Course Objectives
  • Define what is meant by the terms 'anger' and 'challenging behaviour'
  • Explain the signs of anger and forms of challenging behaviour
  • Explain how anger is triggered
  • Explain the causes of challenging behaviour
  • Explain how to manage and diffuse anger
  • Explain how to manage an episode of challenging behaviour


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