Digital Marketing Professional Certificate (DMP)

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Awarded by: The University of Aberdeen
Assessment: Self check questions (no examinations)

Certificate delivered to you following your completion of course materials

  • Over 20 hours of learning for continuing professional development purposes
  • Delivered fully online
  • Instantly apply learning into practice
  • Support forum access (with fellow students; moderated by course tutors)
  • Access to course materials and forum for 12 months from initial registration
  • Guaranteed pathway to upgrade to the postgraduate MSc 
  • Price £ 1,320 (inc. VAT) * 

* (A 20% fee discount applies for all alumni who graduated with a degree from the University of Aberdeen. NOTE: For discount to be applied, contact us using the contact form.)

Created For:

  • Individuals wishing to move into digital marketing
  • Career progression for those already working in digital marketing
  • Executives seeking a better understanding of digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs looking to identify opportunities and routes to market
  • Professionals requiring formal recognition of existing knowledge and skills

Delivered fully on-line, the Digital Marketing Professional Certificate (DMP) is designed to not only broaden and deepen your knowledge but to encourage you to approach digital marketing from a truly strategic perspective.

Career opportunities in digital marketing have been growing at an exceptional rate and increasingly employers are seeking candidates who can evidence tactical knowledge combined with an ability to think strategically and lead teams. The DMP is aimed at those already working in the marketing industry, looking to acquire a credible professional certificate, as well as those who are seeking to enter the industry.

There are of course all manner of teaching materials and reference sites freely available on the internet, however much of this is tactically focussed and, as a result, fails to address wider strategic issues.

The Market Gap

The DMP fills a gap in the market by delivering a learning experience that, from the outset, encourages you to “explore the possible” and to make the connections between deep knowledge of tactics and strategy.

The course materials are based on the Certificate level of our Post Graduate degree course in Digital Marketing Leadership.

It is the product of a three-year collaboration: a globally recognised University, with expertise in learning and development; and a leading digital marketing consultancy, with a clear appreciation of the strategic and tactical elements required to deliver digital marketing results, and, importantly, a track record of achievement for commercial clients. Tried, tested and validated, this course is designed to equip individuals with an essential knowledge and understanding of the approaches, tools and techniques of digital marketing.

The DMP is also a pathway to the qualifications of Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and Masters (MSc).    

DMP Study Topics:

Despite the range of topics covered, great care is taken throughout the course to demonstrate the very important connections and interactions that exist between them.

  • The “Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant”
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Leadership
  • Digital Marketing Research
  • Strategy: The Secret of Success
  • Authority and Influence
  • Digital Assets
  • SEO-Definition and why it’s changing
  • The Role of Social Media within Marketing Strategy
  • Analytics Introduction
  • Developing Market Personas for the Web
  • Routes to Market: Advertising, Content and Social
  • Technology, Structure and Usability
  • Multi Device Considerations
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Website Specification
  • Supplier Evaluation and Selection
  • Digital Strategy Development

Lessons are split into manageable, “bite-size” topics that allow participants to progress at a pace that fits with work and family commitments.

Learning Approach

Participants learn through a distinctive “over the shoulder view” of professional digital marketing. Videos “bring the learning materials to life” demonstrating the key approaches, technologies and skills that digital marketers use to analyse market opportunities and challenges, formulate recommendations at both a strategic and tactical level, and then implement solutions.

This focused, contextualised, learning is designed to equip students with skills that help them to add value in the digital marketing domain. It is an applied approach, not abstract concepts and theories.

What People Say

“The learning experience delivered by Jump Digital through the University of Aberdeen has given me a strong foundation in digital marketing.  I am currently working for Hootsuite, a social relationship platform that provides the tools to control and manage an organisations social media presence.  When interviewed for this job, I relied heavily on what I learned including SEO, analytics and social media. Beyond the interview, I still apply lessons I learned in the course. I would highly recommend this course for anybody that has an interest in digital marketing and would like pursue a career in the industry.”

Ken Filgiano, Enterprise Development Representative , Hootsuite Media Inc.

“Before embarking on a programme of study with the University, my knowledge of the internet was limited and I was overwhelmed by the complexities of the digital world. The course in digital marketing provided a comprehensive understanding of key tools and techniques. The content was up to date and highly informative, interactive and delivered by a highly competent team based on real-life consultancy experiences. What I appreciated most was the focus on practical information and the support provided by the team. I would highly recommend studying with the University as it has given me greater confidence in the digital domain.”

Kirsten Holzhey, Operational Buyer, JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH 


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