CeMAP® 2014 Paper 2: Mortgages

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About the course

The International CeMAP 2014 qualification is a level 3 qualification and its attainment gives individuals the licence to practice required to be able to work as a mortgage advisor. Whether that’s within a company, or as a self-employed professional is completely up to you! The CeMAP qualification is one of the leading certificates within the industry, with 80% of mortgage advisors boasting of the qualification on their CV. Join them, and continue with your CeMAP study by completing this second paper in the series.

Four Units, One Year

The complete qualification comprises seven mandatory units which are split into three intense modules. This module covers the ‘mortgages’ paper, with a syllabus that is broken down into four sections. Delivered online, you can study in your own time whenever it is convenient for you to do so; there’s no need to worry about trying to fit study into your hectic schedule – simply learn whenever you have the time to. The course is available for a full 12 months after signup, so there’s plenty of time to complete it to the best of your ability.


Who is it for?


  • Those looking for a career in mortgage advising
  • Those looking to pass paper 2
  • Those looking for a successful new career



At a glance

  • RRP £400, now just £220
  • Become a fully qualified mortgage advisor
  • One step closer to a prosperous new career
  • EC110223

Is this course right for me?

This course is suited to those who have completed paper 1 and are looking to now complete paper 2. Prove your expertise, boost your understanding of mortgage advising and massively increase your employment prospects.

Key Learning Points

This course is a perfect continuation of the paper 1 module, and brings students one step closer to achieving the full CeMAP qualification, which will give them the ability to practice as a fully qualified mortgage advisor in their own right.

  • Learn about mortgage law, policy, practice and markets, including the house buying process, the role of the mortgage advisor, valuations and surveys, mortgage products and their interest rates, and all of the linked legislations.
  • Go through the process of a mortgage application, including the fees and charges that are associated with the action.
  • Define the terms of gazumping and gazundering, and the implications that these actions have on the consumer.
  • Get to grips with the principle factors that can affect the value of a property, and the implications that these can have on the consumer.
  • Understand the need for Local Authority planning consent if consumers wish to apply for extensions or developments.
  • Explain the various mortgage repayment options and their benefits and implications for the buyer. Describe the common mortgage products and the associated interest rates.
  • Learn about the various insurances that can be involved with the arrangement of a mortgage, including life assurance, mortgage PPI, buildings and contents insurance.
  • Understand the principles and procedures that are associated with raising money in relation to a property purchase, and understand when further borrowing may be required.
  • Gain insight into how mortgages can be transferred, the implications of non-payment and other breaches to the Mortgage Deed, and what provisions are in place to help consumers in the event of non-payment.


  • Work through this paper, the second in a group of three, and you’re well on your way to CeMAP qualification.
  • Continue your study towards becoming a fully-qualified mortgage advisor, with a right to practice either within a company or as a self-employed professional.
  • Boost your CV and learn new skills that can move your career forward.
  • Gain a qualification from an industry leader.
  • Diverse learning resources, including interactive simulations, self-assessments and printable exercises aid retention.
  • Specimen papers, revision notes, online competence development tools, resits and expert advice available (fee applicable).
  • Build on your paper 1 knowledge and gain confidence in your developing skillset.
  • The full CeMAP qualification is an industry standard level three qualification that will allow you to work as a mortgage advisor and have the letters CeMAP after your name.
  • Sign up to the course today and continue with your life-changing decision to become a qualified professional mortgage advisor. A qualification such as this one can open many doors so why wait?

Start your journey on becoming a fully qualified CeMAP mortgage advisor by investing in this course, today.

Career path

Carry on your employment journey within mortgage advising. Ascend the employment ladder whilst moving people up the property ladder when you become fully CeMAP certified.

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