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About the course

Is this course right for me?

The CTFL course is best suited to:

  • Software developers and programmers who want to extend their skill-set to cover testing methodologies.
  • IT professionals and testers who would like to earn the ISTQB CTFL qualification to prove their skills and experience.
  • Employees just starting out in software testing who need a basic introduction to the methods and principles used.
  • Professionals who wish to learn new skills to facilitate a move into software testing from another IT discipline or industry.

Key Learning points

Fully approved by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ITQSB), the CTFL course from e-Careers takes students through the entire software testing cycle, ensuring they have the basic skills required to test and approve software releases prior to deployment.

Over the course of nine hours worth of video training, students will cover:

  • The fundamentals of software testing and the increasingly important role it plays in the modern software development process.
  • The use of testing at regular, defined intervals during the software development lifecycle to catch and fix bugs early.
  • Early stage static testing concepts that review code and development plans without actually compiling and running programs.
  • How to design software tests that consider all functions and reduced the likelihood of bugs going into production software.
  • How to manage a software testing program and execute a suitable test script.
  • Selecting and implementing tools that can help automate software testing and data collection.


By the end of the CTFL course, students will not only have a complete basic understanding of software testing, but they will also have completed the necessary preparation to sit the ISTQB CTFL exam. By completing this particular course, students will benefit from:

  • A deeper understanding of the software testing lifecycle and how it is applied, helping students be more effective in their current role.
  • Building testing routines into the development lifecycle to raise the standard of software produced.
  • Full preparation for the Certified Tester Foundation Level exam.
  • Valuable skills that will help employees secure internal promotions or new roles elsewhere – some reports suggest software testers holding the CTFL certificate earn 20% more than their less qualified colleagues.

The CTFL course from e-Careers is an essential step towards earning the globally-accepted Certified Tester Foundation Level qualification. The CTFL course also lays the foundation for professionals who want to further their career in software testing by working towards more advanced certifications from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

What our students say

“I’ve always wanted to branch out from bog standard IT, and now thanks to this course I finally have a chance!”

Adam Hale

Career path


A CTFL qualification is globally recognised and would lay the foundation for anyone who wants to branch off into software testing.

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