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About the course

Boost skills and experience quickly and easily with this comprehensive package from e-Careers. This cost-effective bundle contains seven separate courses that will ensure students have a complete grounding in modern computer and networking concepts.

Using vendor neutral courseware from CompTIA along with Cisco-approved networking resources, this bundle is an ideal choice for individuals who want to develop a set of technical skills that will help them be productive in almost any IT support of administration role. Other people who may benefit from the CompTIA & Cisco bundle include:

  • Experienced network and systems engineers who need to sharpen their skills or earn industry-recognised qualifications.
  • Support engineers who want to take the step up to network management.
  • Individuals who want to re-skill for a role in technical support or network administration.

Key learning points

The CompTIA & Cisco is extremely comprehensive, with enough materials for seven complete courses. This intensive course will take students through the basics of computer hardware, to networking fundamentals, to document management techniques right up to IT project management.

The bundle begins with the CompTIA A+ course, an introduction to PC hardware and software concepts:

  • Motherboard and BIOS configurations, and the associated components.
  • The use of expansion cards, display devices and peripherals to extend PC functionality.
  • How to build custom personal computers for specific applications and purposes.
  • Networking computers and laptops for sharing data and resources.
  • Understanding the Windows operating system environment and advanced features like BitLocker drive encryption.
  • Applying security policy and groups to protect data and applications stored on the PC’s hard drive.
  • Networking fundamentals, and configuration of PCs for use on a corporate domain or workgroup.
  • Monitoring and maintaining PCs to reduce the risk of a failure.

Focus then shifts to building and managing networks using Cisco hardware as per the CCNA & CCNP principles including:

  • Understanding and managing networks using IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
  • Advanced network segmentation using VLANs and trunks.
  • Implementing security features built into Cisco switching and routing devices.
  • Maintaining and monitoring network performance using IOS tools.
  • Configuring network devices to support multi-protocol applications including VoIP, video, IP traffic and unified communications.
  • Advanced troubleshooting techniques to resolve issues.

The Cisco-focused networking course is complemented by the vendor-neutral CompTIA Network+ course:

  • Physical network cable types and the situations in which they would be deployed.
  • Building LANs and WANs and the correct topology to use for a specific networking context.
  • How to monitor and manage network hardware and traffic to ensure a consistently high performance for service users.
  • The basic principles of network security, using built-in features to prevent unauthorised access and data theft.

Network and data security is addressed as part of the CompTIA Security+ course which covers:

  • Basic design considerations when first building a secure network.
  • Identifying and satisfying compliance needs for data and network security.
  • Familiarisation of common network threats and vulnerabilities and how they can be blocked.
  • The three levels of security considerations – application, data and host – and how each is to be protected.

Students will also have an opportunity to learn more about the increasingly-important Linux operating system with the Linux+ modules:

  • Configuring users and groups to restrict and protect data access in a networked environment.
  • Advanced shell scripting techniques to improve administration.
  • Installing and configuring packages, kernels and software.
  • Security configurations that can be used to harden Linux and improve system and data security.
  • Troubleshooting common IT issues including Linux PC hardware and network services.

Advantages of this course

The CompTIA and Cisco bundle represents one of the most cost-effective, in depth training packages available today. Completing all of the bundled courses will help students develop expertise in:

  • PC and server management.
  • Cisco networking technologies.
  • System security at both file, machine and network level.
  • A good understanding of the Linux operating system.
  • Modern document management technologies.
  • IT project management and delivery.
  • Selling IT solutions to technical buyers.

Students will also be ready to sit a number of industry-recognised qualifications that will broaden their career options and pave the way for promotions and pay rises.

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