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About the course

Join the Cloud computing revolution by mastering the basics of hosted computing services with the Exin Cloud Computing course from e-Careers. This vendor-approved programme of study acts as a basic primer for any IT professional who needs to know more about Exin Cloud computing.

Exin Cloud Computing Foundation level course is perfect for:

  • IT infrastructure managers who need to understand and plan for Cloud adoption.
  • IT professionals who need to better understand Cloud technologies, particularly those from Exin.
  • Professionals working with Exin Cloud technologies who need to achieve a vendor certification.

The Exin Cloud Computing course uses over nine hours worth of instructor-led videos and e-Learning content to guide students through basic Cloud computing concepts. Eight practical lab exercises help students to apply their learning, whilst a series of end-of-unit quizzes ensure that students are properly understanding the concepts being taught.

At the end of the course participants have the opportunity to sit a simulation exam that will help them assess their readiness to sit the Exin Cloud Computing exam proper.

Key Learning Points

The Exin Cloud Computing course from e-Careers is designed to be a high-level introduction to Exin technology and concepts. Starting with the most basic of Cloud theory, this course will help managers and engineers who have little or no experience of hosted services get to grips with Exin Cloud.

The Exin Cloud Computing course is built around five basic topics, mirroring the structure of the associated exam:

  • The principles and types of Cloud computing, including public, private and hybrid and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  • How to use the Cloud to improve business operations and mobility.
  • Managing security and compliance issues to reduce risk of data loss or theft.
  • How to implement Cloud computing using Exin solutions.
  • Evaluating Cloud computing strategies based on factors like cost, advantages and SLAs.

Once the modules are complete, students will have the knowledge and skills required to sit the Exin Cloud Computing Foundation exam.

Advantages of this course

Students completing the Exin Cloud Computing course will have a basic working knowledge of Cloud computing techniques and technologies. This will then help them better manage and plan Cloud adoption for their businesses.

This basic knowledge will help learners:

  • Plan Cloud deployment scenarios that help reduce operational costs.
  • Increase organisational flexibility and scalability, adjusting computing resource provisions to meet changing business priorities and demands.
  • Reduce hardware and software maintenance costs.
  • Improve internal IT operations by offloading secondary responsibilities to the Cloud.
  • Implement more flexible and effective business continuity plans using the Cloud.

The Exin Cloud Computing course from e-Careers is an essential step towards achieving the Exin Cloud Computing Foundation qualification. Without completing this course, IT professionals and managers may find that they are unable to realise the full benefits of Exin Cloud solutions.

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