Adobe Certified Webmaster Package 2013

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About the course

Advance your knowledge of webmaster tools, and put your passion for website design and development to good use, with this Adobe certified webmaster package. From the essentials to the more complex functions, this course can help you to achieve a well-rounded knowledge of every aspect of website creation. Highlights include learning how to create first class, professional websites, and integrating interactive elements within them, as well as helping you to build a portfolio of websites that you can be proud of. Whether you’re working towards building a skill set that will impress future employers, or you simply wish to develop your personal interest in website creation, this course is a fundamental piece in the webmaster puzzle.

The Complete Webmaster Bundle

This comprehensive package includes every Adobe element that you could possibly need to set off on your journey to success on the right foot. With an extensive syllabus, that covers all the bases, you will reach the end of the course and have the confidence and expertise that you need to succeed within the web development industry. With the amount of study that you have to complete, it’s definitely a good thing that it’s delivered online – at least that way, you can complete the course in your own time, whenever it is convenient to do so.

The course is split into 25 different units, which cover the popular Adobe applications including After Effects, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Illustrator and many, many more. You can expect to take your time over this course, with over 100 study hours to work through. Luckily, you have a full 12 months to complete the course, so don’t worry about not having enough time in the day to manage the workload!

Become an Adobe ACE

Upon completion of the course, the option is there for you to go on to complete the Adobe ACE exam, which can certify your abilities and make your know-how ‘official’. This course is Adobe approved courseware; being an industry-leading brand, it can help you to open doors to a bigger, more lucrative career and a brighter future.


Who is it for?


  • Anyone looking to get into web design
  • Professionals looking to upskill themselves with industry standard programs such as Photoshop Dreamweaver and flash



At a glance

  • RRP £516 now just £99
  • Learn how to harness your creativity and channel it into web design
  • Course code: EC111504

Is this course right for me?

This course is useful for anyone, with a passion for web design, especially for those interested in just how versatile web design can be with animation elements in flash and after effects, and with the visual elements that can be created and imported with Photoshop and illustrator.

Key Learning points

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to develop themselves professionally, or for anyone who has a view to provide websites for clients on a freelance basis. By starting with this webmaster package, you will have the foundations in place to go on to create bigger, and better, things.

  • Explore After Effects and its usage with regards to composition and animation.
  • Learn more about how Dreamweaver can allow you to design and edit HTML websites, as well as understand the importance of CSS within a web page build project. Learn how to design, style, and generate websites, fast and efficiently.
  • Learn how to create vector shapes, interactive buttons and design logos with Adobe Fireworks.
  • Learn how to use JavaScript to create interactive, animated elements for a website, with Adobe Edge.
  • Delve into the Adobe Flex framework, and get to grips with how to build applications using the Flex builder.
  • Gain insight into Flash Pro, and how it can be used to create animation and multimedia to ensure your sites are media rich and professional-looking.
  • Use Illustrator to hone your graphic skills, and learn how to create stunning artwork for a range of print and digital media projects.
  • Learn how to create websites, without touching the code, with Adobe Muse.
  • Learn how WordPress can become an important element of a business’ website. Learn how to build a website with the application, how to use themes and widgets, and how to ensure that your site is safe, secure and protected against vulnerabilities.
  • Explore the uses of Photoshop, get to grips with its various tools and features, and understand why it’s an industry-standard application for designers worldwide.


  • Differentiate yourself and stand apart from your competitors. Make future employers take notice of you and impress them with your skill set.
  • Ace the ACE exam and become officially certified – something else to impress your employers!
  • Access to all new content added to the subscription library, for free.
  • Downloadable project work files to use as a reference during the tutorials.
  • Technical support, training and keyword search facilities available, if you run into difficult using the courseware.
  • Test yourself with a range of self-assessments, to see how you’re doing.
  • Become fully trained and enjoy a confidence boost, too!

Master the Adobe range of industry-standard applications, by signing up to this package today!

Career path

Mastering the adobe suite is essential for any creative field, including web design, expect to progress towards taking an adobe ACE Exam and getting certified, working as a web designer, whether in house for a company or even working for yourself as a freelancer

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