Shiatsu Massage For Healing, Balance & Strength

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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique performed through clothing and is one of the most relaxing experiences out there. It involves firm but gentle pressure, delicate and calm movements and stretches. Learning the basics of Zen Shiatsu is very easy, all you need is some time to watch these videos and the right state of mind.

Paul Capelli (Goldmundo) is a certified shiatsu practitioner, trainer and polyglot from London. Paul speaks and teaches in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is passionate about sharing his experience of Shiatsu and teaching his techniques to others,

This course is ideal for anybody interested in human contact and wanting to engage in a simple, relaxing and therapeutic form of massage. This course will get you in touch with the fascinating world of anatomy and how to treat people using your hands, fingers, elbows and even knees, all without messy oils and minimum space and preparation.


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