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This SEND bundle provides all you need to know to understand, manage and help anyone with special educational needs or disabilities. Become more empathetic and proactive with these 4 comprehensive courses.

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Approaches covers everything from recognising dyslexia which can affect comprehension, numeracy, memory & educational development to ADHD, which can show itself through impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention or negative attention. This course will help you to get up to speed with the need-to-knows, so you can make a positive impact today.

The Autism Awareness & Cognition Improvements course is a fantastic tool for parents who are facing up to the fact of a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder. We will discuss the causes of autism, including genetic factors, plus what aggravates the symptoms after birth. We will cover a specific nutritional approach that supports brain cell function, as well as considering external stress factors and the impact of negative behaviour.

The Dyslexia Therapist Diploma provides a comprehensive guide to dyslexia and its therapies. You will understand the basis of dyslexia, its diagnosis and assessment techniques. The second half of the course will cover managing dyslexia using technology, and different approaches to take in the classroom, the workplace, and seminars to lead. Finally, the course will look at clinical therapy and treatments.

Learn how to control ADHD with the Awareness & Approaches course, and gain first-hand experience to help create empowering habits. ADHD awareness will introduce you to new ways of coping and managing, as well as increasing your potential to take control of your life. Through a series of video lectures, and supporting materials, you will get a window into how your mind works. Learn how to master, understand and manage ADHD.


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