Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials

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About the course

Debbie gets you confident in the basics before moving on to teaching you how to plan your site, lay out your pages and add text, images, rich media, links and tabbed data.


Create stunning websites with our online Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials course. Adobe certified education leader Debbie Keller guides you through all you need to know to master this sophisticated software, beginning with helping you set project requirements and create a wire-frame for your site. By the end of the course, you’ll be confidently planning, designing, creating and maintaining your eye-catching website, whether for work or a personal project.

What Am I Signing Up For?

Debbie’s easy-to-understand approach is structured into six video chapters ranging in length between 27 and 76 minutes. The fact that you can access the course any time that suits you, whether that’s at your desk eating your lunch or at home on the sofa with a cup of coffee, means you’ve got total control over your learning over the 12-month period you’re signed up for.

What Will The Course Give Me?

Dreamweaver is a powerful piece of software which is hugely popular with designers for its user-friendly nature, and also with customers and clients for the attractive, engaging, interactive websites it allows you to create. Debbie gets you confident in the basics before moving on to teaching you how to plan your site, lay out your pages and add text, images, rich media, links and tabbed data. After that you’ll move on to editing existing sites, organising your content with div tags and finding out about the importance of search engine optimisation. Debbie’s rigorous content also includes a discussion on accessibility standards and the golden rules for designing with consistency.

Key Learning Points

Let Adobe expert Debbie Keller teach you all you need to know to make your web design plans a successful reality with Dreamweaver CS6.

  • In Setting Project Requirements learn to identify your audience needs and create a wireframe. You’ll also find out about copyright rules and accessibility options and standards.
  • Planning Site Design & Page Layout takes you through setting up a site, using the Adobe exchange, designing with consistency, using templates, previewing your page, maintaining page structure, using a horizontal rule, editing for CSS code and final planning with a flowchart.
  • In Understanding the Interface you’ll get savvy with exploring the preferences options, understanding the Dreamweaver workspaces and working with the Assets and Files panels.
  • Adding Content To Your Web Page empowers you to edit an existing site, create and save a web page, replace text, copy pages and insert form elements. You’ll also get to grips with links, hyperlinks and inserting rich media and tabular data into your web page.
  • Organising Content gets you setting and modifying page properties, adding head content for search engine visibility, working with widgets and organising page layout with AP div tags.
  • Finally, in Evaluating & Maintaining a Site, you’ll find out how to keep your website fresh and up to date by conducting technical tests, identifying techniques for basic usability tests, managing assets, links and files and designing adaptive websites to suit different devices.

Advantages of this course

  • Must-know highlights include the new site manager dialogue box, the multi-screen panel, changing the document workspace preview to mobile devices, inserting widgets and the CSS Rules Definition dialogue box.
  • The course is delivered in different parts, making it more manageable and ensuring you don’t run out of time during the 12 months you’re signed up for.
  • Our interactive simulations make you feel like you’re actually using the software so learning is more easily absorbed.
  • The glossary and search features make looking something up a breeze.
  • Learn the essential skills you need to design websites as a hobby or professionally.
  • Save money as a business owner by learning how to create your own website.
  • Take the stress out of designing the perfect website and add a bankable new career skill to your CV as you become a confident Dreamweaver user.

Make your dreams of creating inspiring websites a reality by signing up to Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials today.

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