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About the course

Most people change their jobs multiple times during the course of their working lives. Many make dramatic career shifts. Identifying your transferable generic skills is key to making the most of this agile employment marketplace.

Understand your strengths and how to sell them

This course looks at the current career environment. Using case studies and a series of unique audit tools, the course will challenge you to:

  • explore your successes and what success means to you
  • develop your capacity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses
  • identify your key professional skills and capabilities.

Credentials and portfolios

You will also learn about credentials – contemporary recognition, usually in digital form, of the skills and capabilities you have built during your life and career. Providing evidence of what you can do can often signify more than formal qualifications.

This course will teach you how to document your cumulative work and life experience.

Learn from the experts

Deakin University is a pioneer in the field of digital credentials and recognition of prior learning. Our Master of Professional Practice degrees enable you to evidence your professional experience and use this to earn a Professional Practice Credential. Our revolutionary model recognises experience and allows you to demonstrate your skills in the workplace. You can earn credentials for a range of skills and stack them into a Master of Professional Practice.

Take your learning to the next stage

This course is a free introduction to a unique Deakin University postgraduate degree: Master of Professional Practice, that allows you to earn credentials based on your industry experience.

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