Digital Real Estate is Eclipsing Traditional Real Estate

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About the course

Digital Real Estate (high profit websites) is taking the investment world by storm. These businesses are highly automated, enjoy huge profit margins and are easier to own than real estate and physical businesses… Learn in a month, get the course, services resources and live support for three months!

Learn how to find investment opportunities, evaluate them with a simple but thorough due diligence process and then hire low cost offshore experts to run them for you. A truly semi-passive asset that can yield 10x the best real estate deals can offer you.

We provide a thoroughly tested system with simple to follow steps that shows you how to make money online and become an expert at digital asset investment. It teaches investors how to buy website businesses with annual yields over 30%.

The course is written in plain English and doesn’t involve difficult technical jargon and you will receive a range of additional help to make learning even easier. Starting your own portfolio of profitable websites is simple, straightforward, fun and highly profitable.

The Fastest Growth Investment Market

Welcome to the newest & fastest growing investment strategy. This market is still under the radar for most investors. Once you see how profitable this investment strategy is you may never want to buy real estate again. The course gives examples of internet business investment compared to real estate and helps you to identify and avoid the pitfalls in each deal. Why build websites, not knowing if they will make money, when you can simply buy quality sites that are already profitable.

Easy To Follow Course

The course is very detailed, yet very simple to follow. The comprehensive information has been simplified to teach new learners how to take their first steps in internet business investing and will enable you to gain profit within days of starting.




This course has been developed to give you a thorough grounding in Digital Asset Investing and equip you with all the skills necessary to make money buying, growing website business, automating your business and even selling websites. Digital Real Estate today is where traditional Real Estate was 20 years ago… a booming market with massive returns long since gone in other investment strategies.

The focus areas include:

  • 1.       Finding the deal: Learn the basic criteria of what makes a website a good and profitable investment. Learn about the different types of websites and which ones need the least amount of work for the maximum returns. Get to grips with the simple checkpoints that will help you figure out in a few minutes whether a site is worth investigating. Other waste hours and even days without this simple system for finding the best sites for sale.
  • 2.       Evaluating the deal: Get to grips with evaluating sites and finding out if they are good deals or not. Learn how to check content, check design and see if there are ways to make a site look better, as well as how to evaluate a site’s history and niche and decide if there is good potential for growth within that niche. Also uncover the problems and use them to get the seller to drop the price.
  • 3.       Doing the deal: Learn each step necessary to buy a website including how to bid on a site, how to negotiate a deal and how to get the best deal you can. Discover the methods for paying for a website and especially which payment methods to avoid and how to recognise if a deal is one you might want to avoid, as well as how to stabilise income when you take the site over.
  • 4.       Growing the deal: Become acquainted with the ‘Ultimate Profit Formula’, the digital asset investment map and blueprint. Learn how to speed up your returns beyond the 30%-50% starting point and how to get better yields for every site you buy. Find out how to expand each site’s reach and profit and how to cross promote your sites with others that you own.
  • 5.       Taking Care Of Business: Learn how to set up business with automated systems and software. Learn how to automate your business like never before and how to make sure you have all bases covered in your business.


           Long Term Access: The course takes less than a month to learn, but you get access for 3 months… allowing you complete ongoing access to be review and refresh your knowledge at any time

           Well Organised: An easy to use Online Academy that is divided into topics, with multiple Concept videos & How To videos, making it very simple to revise specific topics

           Big Financial Benefits: A quick way to start building a portfolio of high yielding easy to manage online assets with some of the highest returns of any investment strategy.

           Fast: Because the course is so well laid out, you could be building equity and making money with your first site within weeks of starting.

           Simple TUse: You don’t need to be a technology expert or computer programmer to start making money investing in digital assets.

           Allows You To Start Small & Grow: Teaches an Investment strategy with a very low entry point which makes starting much easier than real estate investing… you can start with as little as £100 and grow very fast with the high yields

           Gets You Ahead Of The Pack: You will discover how digital assets offer some of the highest returns of any investment strategy. Almost all have returns at least 10 X traditional Real Estate yields

           Built By Experts: The course was created by the leading expert in this market

           Personalised Attention: you get a 1:1 Strategy session. Quality advice tailored to you personally.

Invest in this course today and start making money investing in digital assets.

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