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This package can not only help fledgling accountants and bookkeepers, but can also help office staff to perform their roles with confidence and expertise, and business owners to reduce the costs associated with running their business.


Develop your computer skills with this exciting package that will introduce you to the fundamental software that any budding accountant, bookkeeper, business owner or office staff member will need to get ahead. With this course you will have everything that you need for your new start-up venture, or if you’re hoping to apply for an office-based role or progress your office career. Delivered online, over a 12 month period, you can complete the course at your convenience – it’s easy to fit around your existing job and lifestyle.

Many people find the world of accounts a daunting one, especially when it involves using a computer system to do the task, which is why so many businesses, big and small, take on an accountant to do the job for them. This package can not only help fledgling accountants and bookkeepers, but can also help office staff to perform their roles with confidence and expertise, and business owners to reduce the costs associated with running their business.

Learn the Basics

It’s difficult to get ahead without the use of a computer nowadays. Learn how a PC can help you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, and further your understanding of the popular Windows operating system. This course package includes PC Fundamentals and Windows Essentials which will help you to navigate your PC system so that your overall computer experience can run as smoothly as possible.

Gain Key Office Skills

Discover why Microsoft Excel is a core resource for any accountant, and how it can be used to help any business run more smoothly. Also master the other features of Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint, Outlook and Word.

Number Crunch with Top Software Packages

Advance your know-how with an in-depth look at the various other packages, such as QuickBooks and Sage, which can help you to step into the world of accountancy confidently. With this course, you will have everything that you could possibly need to progress and to gain the knowledge needed to ensure the books are balanced and the numbers add up.


This package is not just an excellent resource for accountants and bookkeepers, but is a valued resource for office staff, business owners and for personal use too.

  • Get to grips with a PC, including Windows and the Microsoft Office package, so that your PC experience is always stress and confusion free. Explore the system with clear online guidance so that working on a PC is no longer a daunting prospect.
  • Learn how to account for transactions, such as invoices, payments, tax and expenses, with QuickBooks Pro 2012 & 2013. Ensure that whatever books you’re balancing stay balanced, and expand your knowledge of record keeping and finances.
  • Discover how to utilise spreadsheets with the help of Microsoft Excel. Improve spreadsheet analysis, manage macros, streamline your data and ensure that your reports are accurate and precise.
  • Set up new companies, vendors and payroll with Sage Peachtree Pro. Broaden your general accounting knowledge and pick up some handy hints and tips as you progress through the unit.
  • Discover the uses of PowerPoint, and how to create the perfect professional presentation. Demonstrate good design and learn how to ensure the content you deliver is as memorable as possible.
  • Master basic accounting skills with QuickBooks, which can allow you to further your accounting expertise, whether you’re a complete beginner or wish to develop your existing skill set.
  • Stay up to date with the latest packages, such as Office 2013, and be introduced to the latest features including formatting, tables, document protection and proofing. Improve your Office experience and work in the most efficient way possible.


  • Improve your overall knowledge of accounting, from bookkeeping to payroll, so that you don’t have to worry about the tax man ever again!
  • No more fear of a PC with fundamental tips, advice and tutorials to suit all proficiencies, from the basics to learning more advanced functions.
  • Improve the chance of employment within an accountancy or office staff role with a certificate to prove your achievement at the end of the course.
  • Access to tutorials that cover various account managing software packages, so that you can adapt depending on what software your company uses.
  • Save time with spreadsheets and account logging software – much faster, more secure and adaptable than a pen and paper!
  • Learn from the best; Receive help from an accounting professional, Erin Olsen, during the Sage Peachtree tutorials.
  • Optimise your organisation skills so that your accounts and office files are as streamlined as possible.
  • Progress further in your career with these essential skills that can mean the difference between being offered an accounting or office job, or not.

Buy this course to get to grips with some fundamental office skills, improve your accounting prospects and build a better future career.

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