Communication Skills for Professional & Personal Life

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About the course

  • Includes 61 lectures, 5.5 hours of online video content and 10 supplemental resources
  • Learn the importance of good communication skills
  • Develop new communication skills to build longer-lasting relationships
  • Understand how to shape your questions in a concise manner to get the most meaningful answers.
  • A perfect course for anyone looking to improve the way they communicate with others in their life.

This course will take you through some effective, proven and simple-to-use techniques for improving the way that you communicate with others in your life. Whether it is in your personal or your professional life, this course will provide you with the foundation to build stronger relationships with others through exercises and lectures to help you develop those crucial techniques.

Your course instructor Kain Ramsay is an innovator in psychology and a leader in the personal development industry. Kain studied psychology and sociology in Edinburgh before undertaking further study in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Counselling and Theology. Mr. Ramsay is a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has dedicated much of his career to creating life-changing self-improvement resources for others.

This is a great course for anyone who wishes to improve the way that they communicate with other people. This could be someone in personal life who you want to grow closer to, or someone in your professional life, or even both. This course will allow you to improve those relationships and move forward in your life.

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