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Discover how the ITIL® framework can improve IT service operations for all stakeholders with the ITIL® Intermediate SO course from e-Careers. Focusing solely on the service operations element of the ITIL® library, this course gives students an in-depth understanding of how to apply the principles to their own operations, raising standards and consistency in the process.

Although anyone with the ITIL® Foundation level certificate can study the course, the ITIL® Intermediate SO modules will be of particular interest to:

  • IT operations managers who need to implement or improve a service operations framework.
  • IT service desk managers who will need to understand the ITIL® SO processes and their roles within that framework.
  • IT consultants who are tasked with improving a client’s internal IT operations.
  • Students who wish to complete the full ITIL® Intermediate qualification.

The ITIL® Intermediate SO course helps IT professionals improve their knowledge of the ITIL® service lifecycle modules, and gives them the skills and experience they need to build and deploy IT operations that fulfil genuine business needs efficiently.

The ITIL® Intermediate SO course uses over nine hours of e-learning content and 10 chapter end quizzes to help clearly communicate the ITIL® concepts. Once complete, students can use the two supplied practice tests to assess their readiness to sit the final ITIL® Intermediate SO exam required to achieve the qualification.


Over the course of nine modules students will gain a full insight into the ITIL® SO processes along with a basic understanding of how they fit into the wider ITIL® framework. Course focus then shifts to cover:

  • Service operations principles – the factors that explain why systems and services are delivered in the way that they are and the value they provide to the business.
  • Service operations processes – the way by which IT services are organised and delivered, such as event management, and using incident management to restore services quickly.
  • Monitoring and control of IT operations to deliver the required services and to deliver corrective action when required.
  • Management of the technology infrastructure in such a way that IT becomes an asset for service delivery, rather than a source of failure.
  • Implementing a service desk and supporting structures to capture incidents and institute the remedial actions required.
  • Identifying challenges and critical success factors, and creating plans that ensure they are all addressed according to ITIL® standards.


By completing the ITIL® Intermediate SO course, IT professionals will have the skills and knowledge they require to build an ITIL®-approved service operation. In turn, students will:

  • Design and build a service that assists with IT cost reduction.
  • Create a consistent, high quality service operation for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Be able to deliver efficient resolution for all incidents and problems.
  • Reduce the time required to fulfil each service request by following the ITIL® escalation and resolution rules.
  • Become more effective in their job roles, and open new opportunities that can make use of their new service operations management skills.

The ITIL® Intermediate SO course is essential for any service desk or IT operations manager who needs to improve their own services, or those professionals who are working towards the ITIL® Intermediate qualification.

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