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Protect IT service offerings more effectively using the ITIL® Release, Control & Validation framework. This course takes IT professionals through the principles involved in controlling system and software releases, and validating the outcomes of these types of projects.

The ITIL® Intermediate RCV course is part of the wider ITIL® framework used for codifying and improving IT service delivery systems. This particular course is specifically designed for IT operations directors and change control managers, teaching them the fundamental techniques required for successful implementation of the RCV framework.

Students can study each of these modules at their own pace, fitting their learning around their day-to-day jobs. Self-assessment tools also allow participants to assess their progress and readiness for the ITIL® RCV examinations, and to revisit weaker topics and modules for further study.

The ITIL® Intermediate RCV course leads to the self-contained, free-standing ITIL® RCV qualification, although it can be used to provide course credits towards advanced qualifications including the ITIL® Expert certificate.


Using a combination of instructor-led videos and self-study content, participants will learn how ITIL® Release, Control and Validation will help with improving day to day IT service operations through:

  • Using transition planning and support to develop simplify the process of moving to new processes and systems.
  • Using change management techniques and technology to record system/service changes to gauge effectiveness and provide a rollback reference if required.
  • Release and deployment management techniques to assist with incremental system updates.
  • Change evaluation guidelines that help assess the impact (positive or negative) of new system changes.
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM), providing a centralised repository for capture of system changes.
  • Request fulfilment – delivering the changes demanded by service users and other factors.
  • Service validation and testing routines to verify that frameworks and policies are working as expected.
  • Knowledge management techniques and technology to ensure that valuable lessons are captured and shared with other key stakeholders.

This in depth course ensures that change control administrators and operations managers can fully understand the ITIL® RCV principles and apply them to their own service delivery offerings.


IT professionals who are responsible for managing and measuring system change will find the ITIL® RCV course invaluable. Upon completion of the ITIL® Intermediate RCV course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate command and expertise in of the RCV processes.
  • Manage and control the relation between RCV and service life-cycle stages.
  • Ensure better service delivery through the application of RCV principles to protect existing processes.
  • Boost customer satisfaction levels through more timely deliveries.
  • Implement changes in a more controlled manner, reducing the risk of problems and outages.
  • Command higher salaries or broaden employment prospects by applying their new knowledge and expertise.

The ITIL® Intermediate RCV course and qualification are an essential component of the full ITIL® Intermediate qualification. Any release manager or IT operations director wishing to achieve the ITIL® Intermediate qualification will need to complete this training and pass the appropriate exams.

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