After Effects CS5: Essentials

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About the course

Push your knowledge and expertise that little bit further and branch out into the utilisation of Adobe Affect Effects to create fantastic videos and film productions. A popular post-production tool used by professional filmmakers and video producers, After Effects is one of Adobe’s industry standard applications to aid with multimedia production. With this course, you will learn all of the essential features of the program, and how to make the most out of them. Whether the study is to help you to progress in your career dreams, or just because you can, learning some of the key skills that can be used in the composition and rendering of videos and movies will ensure that your skill set is broadened and your prospects are widened.

One of the Adobe Family

Anyone with a working knowledge of computers and digital design will have heard of the industry leading franchise of Adobe. Their products and services help professional designers and developers the world over, and After Effects is just one of their useful applications. You will study the core essentials of the tool over the course of approximately 8 hours, but this length can vary depending on your learning style.

Online Study, One Step at a Time

The course will be delivered solely online, and upon completion, you will receive a course completion certificate. You may wish to study further, by becoming an Adobe Certified Associate, which covers many aspects of Adobe’s software, and can be completed at any of the ACA testing centres all over the country – from that, you can receive an official, accredited qualification from Adobe itself.

Key Learning Points

This resource would be an excellent choice for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of the Adobe After Effects software. The qualification would be a great addition to a CV if you are hoping to further your career in the video production or filmmaking industry, and may also appeal to computer users who would like to learn more about the application and its uses.

  • Learn more about the basic concepts of the application, including the various panels, how to create a new composition and how to create a film strip effect with multiple movies.
  • Pick up some animation basics, including temporal interpolation, changing the animation speed and copying and pasting keyframes.
  • Introduce yourself to masks and learn how to work with them. Create a simple animation using masks to demonstrate your understanding.
  • Learn how to animate text, including using Photoshop Text and adding, and animating, range selectors.
  • Learn how to use motion sketch and smoother, and how to create a picture montage.
  • Learn how to use parenting to create various animations, and explore Basic Expressions and how to use it to animate.
  • Learn how to blend layers and how to apply compound effects such as gradient wipes. Get to grips with the rotoscope feature and how to precompose and nest your creations.
  • Discover the 3D engine, and how to animate a 3D scene, text, light and shadows.
  • Learn how to use the render queue and how to export your creation once it’s complete.

Advantages of this coures

  • IT Training Courses available online to help you get to grips with the online courseware, including keyword search facilities and step by step instructions.
  • Technical support also available if you need further help.
  • Printable reference guides and tutorials so that you can study away from the computer as well.
  • Test yourself with multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style exercises, to help monitor your progress.
  • Improve your job prospects and learn another tool in the Adobe family! Add the course completion to your CV and include it in your skill set to help you reach your career goals in video or film production.

Sign up to this course today and you will be able to boost your proficiency of the After Effects tool. Animate your CV and look forward to brighter prospects within the digital design world.

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