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About the course

Take a step further into the digital era, by signing up to this fantastic course which will help you to gain some top tips and techniques to make the most out of the Photoshop Elements software. Learn how to organise and edit digital photographs and images, to help refine your photos so that they gain the ‘wow’ factor that may ordinarily be lacking. Nowadays, a simple roll of film isn’t the only way of taking a photograph; with digital cameras being hi-tech and advanced, it makes sense that editing software such as Photoshop Elements is accessible for all to use. Pointing a lens and clicking the button is only one part of a photographer’s job – whether they’re an amateur or a professional – with many hours being spent editing the pictures to provide a gallery of images that is refined and beautiful. Sign up for this course and you too will be able to develop the skills you need to create polished, sophisticated, brilliant images, every single time.

Online Study of an Easy to Manage Syllabus

Make the most out of the Photoshop Elements editing software, and gain the training and expertise that you need to do your photographs justice. Delivered online, the Photoshop Elements 8 syllabus is broken down into 12 chapters, which total approximately 7 hours of study. The joy of distance learning, though, is that these seven hours don’t need to be done all at the same time – in fact, there are no deadlines to adhere to. Simply work through the curriculum at your own pace, and whenever it is convenient for you to do so. You have 12 months after enrolment to complete the course, meaning that you have plenty of time to get it all done without any stress, or last minute cramming, at all.

Hone your Photo Editing Skills

Highlights of the course include discovering how to quickly edit photos using the Smart Fix function, learning how to use the new Photomerge Exposure Command, adjusting exposure using blend modes, creating online photo albums and adjusting tone, and colour, of the images to create stunning results. Whether you’re hoping to learn these tricks, and more, because of personal interest, or so that you can make a career move into the industry, this course would be an ideal building block for you.

Key Learning Points

This course is a perfect resource for anyone wishing to delve a little deeper into the photo editing field, whether it’s for personal development or as a basis for a career move.

  • Learn how to start up the software on both Windows and Mac platforms. Learn how to retrieve photos from your camera, card reader or scanner and create a catalogue of images which you can refer to.
  • Learn how to organise photos on both Windows and Mac platforms, including rotating, hiding, renaming and moving images, comparing and stacking photos and creating collections and albums.
  • Explore some of the ways in which you can fix common problems, including editing contrast levels, adjusting exposure, correcting skin tone, removing red eye and whitening teeth.
  • Learn how to adjust exposure using blend modes, and use the new Photomerge exposure command. Learn how to change a hue using adjustment layers and how to use layer masks.
  • Explore the various colour modes, and learn how to adjust shadows and highlights to improve the tonal range of an image.
  • Share your photos by creating an online album, emailing and printing photos, and ordering prints online.
  • Learn how to place text on a layer and how to draw talk bubbles with the shape tool.
  • Learn how to retouch your photos, using healing brush and clone stamp tools.
  • Discover how to create panoramas, slideshows and calendars.

Advantages of this course

  • Improve your image editing skills and produce photographs that wow and amaze – ones you’ll be proud to display in a frame or online.
  • Add a valuable software skill to your CV.
  • Increase your job prospects and appeal to future employees with a comprehensive knowledge of Photoshop Elements and how to use its various functions to create jaw-dropping images.
  • Reference guides, tutorials, self-assessments and interactive simulations available to help you to learn and retain the information at hand.

Take a snapshot of your life – is there room for a little retouching? Sign up to this course today and fill a space on your CV!

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