Photoshop Elements 9: What's New

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About the course

Boost your editing skills with this fantastic course which deals with Photoshop Elements 9 and its new features, so that you can learn to create beautiful photos that have depth and refinement. Learn how to use layer masks, and repair and retouch photos using the handy tools that are part of the application, and upload and share some of your favourites on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram. Show your family and friends how adept you are with image editing software and provide images for them to see which are second to none.

An Online Syllabus Covering All the New Features

The course is delivered online, and can take as little as an hour to work through, with content broken down into five simple chapters that will help you to get to grips with layer masks, use of the spot healing brush, matching styles using Photomerge, how to make fun edits using guided tools and how to upload photos to sites such as Facebook.

Perfect Photos, Every Time

There’s nothing worse than taking a photograph of something momentous, only to find that the clarity isn’t quite as high a standard as you’d have liked. Perhaps there’s an eyesore in the background that you’d prefer made a disappearing act, or perhaps the subject of your photograph has a couple of blemishes that they’d prefer to be removed; by learning how to use Photoshop Elements 9, you have the opportunity to ‘fix’ any of the issues that your images may have, and create showstopping photographs for others to ogle. Whether the course is for personal development, or because you’d like to venture into the industry, one thing remains the same – Photoshop Elements 9 is a key piece of Adobe software that can help you to achieve your goals.

Key Learning Points

Bear in mind, when enrolling on the course, that this resource covers only the new features that can be found within the Photoshop Elements 9 software, and therefore doesn’t cover the bare bones of the programme. It would therefore suit anyone who has had experience of the software in the past, and would like to brush up on their skills. If beginners wish, there are other courses covering the previous version available, to help them get to grips with the essentials, before booking onto this course to bring them up to speed.

  • Work with some of the fun edits that can be enjoyed as part of the software, including how to achieve a lomo camera effect, going outside the frame with the out of bounds function, creating the perfect portrait, dabbling with pop art, Andy Warhol style, and generating a reflection of an image to create awesome effects.
  • Learn how to use layer masks to merge two photos and learn how to create a spot colour image.
  • Learn how to export photos to Facebook, using the Share feature, and understand how to batch rename files before exporting to create a uniform file list.
  • Practice using the spot healing brush, to remove dust and scratches, and learn how to remove people from a photograph – no more ‘photo bombers’ to worry about!
  • Explore the use of Photomerge to style match and stylise photos, and learn how to add your own photos to the style bin.

Advantages of this course

  • Create better photos – a great skill to have as a hobbyist, but also if you wish to provide a freelance editing service.
  • Make your personal photos perfect and well worthy of displaying in a frame or online.
  • Boost your CV so that you can go after a creative/photography/editing job.
  • Interactive simulations, to allow you to learn by doing and apply your knowledge practically.
  • Test yourself, and track your progress, using self-assessment exercises.
  • Study materials are available for a full 12 months so that you don’t have to rush through the syllabus.
  • Full technical support – with no premium rate charges - via phone and email, if you need any help with the courseware.
  • Free upgrades to your course for 12 months, should any syllabus changes or updates be made during your study time.

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