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Get closer to that top level business position, and develop the skills you need to become a successful professional business director, with help from the experts. This new course package includes Business Essentials with Dragons Den, as affiliated by the popular Dragons Den franchise. Based on extensive university research, the Dragons Den course will help you to gain comprehensive knowledge of the business world. You’ll work on the 5 key areas that are essential in high-functioning business positions; business acumen, strategic thinking, decision making, commercial awareness and entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship, developing a rounded skillset to boost your career and confidence as a business leader.

Combining the Business Essentials with Dragons Den course with seven other popular business-related courses means that Pack 2 is ideal for those with aspirations of becoming a successful business director, whether that’s as a self-employed entrepreneur or within a company. While the course is intensive, it will provide individuals with all of the necessary tools and skills required to climb that career ladder to the very top. As part of the package, you will learn about many different aspects of business, including how to make the best commercial and strategic decisions, about marketability and venture capital investments, how to utilise social media to your advantage, and accounting and project management skills - as well as focusing on stress management and wellbeing.

The affiliation with Dragons Den ensures that business-minded students can enjoy the course knowing that the material that is delivered online is precise, clear and, most of all, useful. If you want to thrive as a business director, and represent yourself and your company most effectively, this pack is filled with course material that can help to instil the fiery confidence of any successful dragon!

key learning points

From budding entrepreneurs looking for a course to drive them forward, to business owners looking to grow their skills, to employees keen for that big promotion, this Dragons Den affiliated pack is a fantastic investment for anyone with business interests. The combination of online videos, scoresheet stimulators and printable resources will ensure that a student’s learning journey is varied and immersive, while the addition of other handy courses ensures that individuals can expand their expertise in all directions.

  • The Dragon’s Den Business Essentials course is designed to develop your skills in business acumen, strategic thinking, decision making, commercial awareness and entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship.
  • Develop the ability to recognise a viable, marketable business idea, and how to realistically achieve a profit. Understand business plans, and learn how successful business analysis is crucial to success.
  • Learn how business plans can be adjusted and refined to appeal to venture capital investors.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to make the best commercial or strategic decisions for your organisation or company.
  • Make use of the My First Million scoresheet simulator and take advantage of the experience and expertise provided by the real-time in-house consultant.
  • Learn how to make the most of Microsoft Excel software, and how it can be invaluable for businesses with regards to spreadsheets, data analysis and reporting.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of social media, and discover how marketing strategies using the platforms can benefit a business. Learn more about Google analytics and how it can be used to analyse online business data.
  • Understand the concept of Sage accounting, and how the programme can be used to keep on top of your business finances.
  • Develop project management skills with the help of PRINCE2 course materials.
  • Learn how to be a better manager or team member with Six Sigma training.
  • Get to grips with internet-based business investment, and understand how you can make money online by buying and selling profitable websites.
  • Gain insight into managing stress, and ensuring the wellbeing of yourself, and your staff.

Advantages of this course

  • Course material is delivered online, meaning you can study as and when you wish. Courseware is available 24/7, offering you complete control over your own study experience.
  • Technical support is readily available, should you need any help accessing, or using, the courseware.
  • The Business Essentials with Dragons Den course is affiliated with the Dragons Den franchise, so you can have ultimate confidence in the material.
  • Access to an in-house consultant as part of the Dragons Den course ensures you can benefit from top advice from someone in the know. .
  • Develop the skills needed to quickly climb the rungs of the career ladder to a high level position.
  • Learn how to make the best business decisions, and ultimately become a better business director.
  • Look forward to a fruitful future as a business director, built on the solid foundations of viable key skills.

You’ve seen the Dragons in the Den – what’s stopping you from being a successful dragon yourself? Invest in this course, spread your wings and fly!

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