PRINCE2 Mastermind Support Programme

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About the course

Get dedicated, inspiring tutor support for your PRINCE2 course from an expert project management mentor at Your Project Management Coach. Specifically designed for individuals who benefit from tutor-led learning, the PRINCE2 Mastermind Support Programme provides quality mentorship and coaching to ensure a student’s success in PRINCE2 and their wider project management career.

This particular programme is best suited to:

  • New or junior project managers who are encountering PRINCE2 for the first time and find the terminology overwhelming
  • Aspiring project managers who want to achieve PRINCE2 certification but need a wider understanding of how to apply the principles taught
  • Senior managers who want to understand how to use the tools to achieve maximum benefit within their organisation
  • Professionals considering retraining in project management who are new to the vocabulary and terms being used

The PRINCE2 Mastermind Support Programme provides participants who are studying for PRINCE2 certification with dedicated mentor support to help them achieve their goals and drive them to succeed. The mentor will monitor participants’ progress on the course, help set targets for achievement and support students to reach the goals and objectives set. Using a combination of e-mails, video calls, telephone calls and web-based support the mentor will be a personal cheerleader working alongside the student every step of the way until they’re ready to move on. Together the mentor and student will set a customised programme of support that will fit around the student’s life, needs and preferred ways of working.


The PRINCE2 Support Programme includes:

  • 1 to 1 tutor support from a dedicated project management expert to assist through each module and answer any questions that may arise
  • A customised support plan which will set out the student’s support needs, establish goals and objectives and plans for keeping in contact going forward
  • 24 hour e-mail support
  • Monitor student’s delivery against the support plan, highlighting if targets or milestones are missed and providing support to get back on track
  • Tokens to be used towards e-Careers specialist project management video seminars


By participating in this programme, students will enhance their understanding of PRINCE2 and ensure their success in achieving PRINCE2 certification. They will also have a thorough understanding of their own learning styles, career intentions and further learning and development needs in relation to project management.

The PRINCE2 Support Programme will help:

  • Enhance understanding of the concepts and theories being presented in the course
  • Explain how the tools being taught can be used in the workplace to achieve maximum impact and benefit
  • Enhance understanding of how the PRINCE2 approach can be customised based on the organisation’s and project’s specific requirements
  • Motivate students to succeed and encourage further career development

The PRINCE2 Support Programme is a central component in any project managers’ PRINCE2 armoury and complements any e-Careers PRINCE2 training course easily and effectively.

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