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About the course

Streamline business processes to improve operational quality management using the skills and techniques taught in the Lean Management course from e-Careers. By applying lean management principles, students will be able to create new efficiencies that boost profits without compromising customer satisfaction or service/product quality.

This course takes students through every aspect of the Lean Management framework, preparing them to sit the associated exam and earn their certificate.

Using a combination of instructor led videos and interactive self-study courseware, the Lean Manager course delivers in-depth training using the e-Careers online learning platform. The e-Careers platform is available 24x7, allowing students to access training materials and exercises whenever and wherever is most convenient for them, so they can truly study at their own pace.

A series of interactive quizzes are used to test the student’s learning and comprehension, whilst a number of practical scenarios in each module show how the quality improvement techniques are applied to real world scenarios. Students will also be able to access the e-Careers social network to discuss the practicalities of Lean Management techniques with their peers, providing a valuable outlet for sharing experience and improving skills.


Who is it for?


  • Professionals looking to learn an industry recognised qualification to prove their experience
  • Those who want to reskill or even start a new career altogether in quality management
  • Experienced quality managers who need to prove their skills and experience with a qualification



At a glance

  • RRP £500 now just £350
  • Learn how to effectively apply lean management principles to any business
  • Gain a certificate that is recognised worldwide
  • Course code: EC112096

Is this course right for me?

The Lean Management course from e-Careers is best suited to:

  • Professionals already working in quality management but who need to know more about the use of quality management frameworks.
  • Quality managers who need to earn an industry-recognised qualification that proves their experience and knowledge.
  • Freelance quality managers and consultants who need to demonstrate their expertise to their clients.
  • Professionals who want to cross-train or re-skill for a new career in the quality management sector.

Key Learning points

Over the course of seven in-depth modules, students are introduced to the many causes of waste, along with a study of possible responses to each. The Lean Management course ensures that learners have a good understanding of how to quantify waste, along with suggestions on how to devise potential fixes and to test the efficacy of each.

Starting with a basic introduction to the concepts of Lean Management, course materials quickly move on to:

  • Identifying the many sources of waste so that they can be monitored, including transportation, defects and under-utilised human resources and skills.
  • Tools that can be used by quality managers to assess the rate and cost of wastage, and the potential returns of any proposed improvement.
  • An introduction to Lean Management in a manufacturing environment.
  • An introduction to Lean Management application in a service-related business.
  • An introduction to the application of Lean Management in office environments.
  • A discussion of the key metrics that need to be monitored to identify waste.
  • A look at the other Lean Management methodologies that can be used alongside this one to deliver other additional benefits.

At the end of the course, students have the opportunity to test their skills with a practice exam before sitting the real thing. Overseen by a remote invigilator, the Lean Management exam consists of fifty questions which need to be answered within sixty minutes.


Students need to answer 35 questions correctly for a score of 70% or more if they are to pass the exam and earn their Lean Management certificate. However by doing so, learners will benefit from:

  • Having earned a globally recognized certification that proves their level of skill and understanding of Lean Management.
  • Helps them reduce costs, improve quality and speed delivery as they enhance operational efficiency.
  • Improved data processing skills that help graduates better calculate waste and benefits.
  • The ability to create additional revenue through improved operational efficiency, boosting ROI in the process.
  • Improved employment prospects, either by way of internal promotion or in a new role elsewhere in the quality management sector.

The Lean Management certificate from e-Careers is a cost-effective way for quality management professionals to sharpen their skills, improve their on-the-job performance, and improve their employment prospects. The Lean Management course is also the perfect introduction to other methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma which will further enhance the student’s reputation.

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