Photoshop: Mastering Advanced Techniques

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About the course

Broaden your knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and sign up for this course, which will guide you through some of the more advanced techniques that are available within the application. While having proficiency using the Photoshop essential features is certainly an advantage, mastering more complex techniques will help prospective employees to stand out that little bit more and help them to beat their peers and secure that job or promotion. It isn’t easy to rise above the competition these days – especially when there are so many candidates going after the same positions – so anything that can be added to your skillset to prove your worth as an employee is sure to help you to become a valuable member of the industry.

Get to Grips with Complex Features

This project-based series of tutorials and exercises will introduce you to some of the more advanced functions that Photoshop possesses, including Smart Object workflow, Photoshop 3D and 32-bit colour space. As with our other courses, this one is delivered online and so can be picked up, and put down, as and when your free time allows. There are no deadlines to adhere to either; simply complete the syllabus within 12 months and you will achieve a qualification to add to your growing skillset.

Four Chapters, One Syllabus

With the help of expert, Brian Maffitt, you will work through four distinct chapters that will help you to get to grips with the more complex features of the application. The course suggests that this will take approximately 5 hours to complete, but work through the material at your own pace and you will have more chance of successful completion and a comprehensive understanding.


Who is it for?


Graphic designers looking to bolster their skillset or in need of a top up.



At a glance

  • RRP £150 now just £80
  • Understand the Advanced techniques of photoshop
  • Course code: EC111673

Is this course right for me?

Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard tool for designers and photographers, while this course is primarily aimed at industry professionals who wish to improve their skills, this course is also for individuals who enjoy graphic design and illustration in their spare time

Key Learning points

While it’s predominantly ideal for professionals looking to develop their Photoshop understanding and show a well-rounded grasp of its advanced features as well as the more basic functions, this course is also useful for anyone who likes to ‘dabble’ with the application in their spare time, too.

  • Get to grips with how to choose suitable material for artistic compositing, and learn how to use channels for difficult masks.
  • Learn more about layer management with smart objects, and learn how to create more complicated textures from illustrations.
  • Explore 3D modelling within Photoshop, including creating seamless objects and smooth gradients from grayscale, using curves as a modelling tool and merging 3D layers to create fantastic results. Learn more about how to import, export and combine your 3D projects.
  • Gain further insight into the various textures and lights that can be created, such as metal textures, material shininess, point lights and spot lights. Learn how to create an ivory material to texture the skull and use bump maps to amplify texture and detail in metalwork.
  • Explore the use of 32-bit as an artistic tool and learn how to reduce bit-depth in order to export using Smart Objects.


  • Add this course to your skillset and embark on an exciting new career as a freelance photographer, photo editor or graphic designer.
  • Give yourself a confidence boost and show any prospective employers who they should be hiring!
  • Online study whenever it suits you, providing a flexible approach to learning. All you need is a PC and access to the internet.
  • Course material is available for a full year after enrolment, so there’s no need to cram all of the study into a few days when you don’t have to. Just take your time!
  • Course content is delivered in bitesize chunks, to aid learning and to ensure you can manage your time effectively.
  • Interactive simulations make you feel like you’re practicing using the actual software, giving you the ability to learn by doing, and to apply your knowledge practically.
  • Track your progress using the online self-assessments, which will also help you to remember, learn, and practice the material.
  • Gain essential experience with the printable reference guides and tutorials.
  • Make sure your photos are as perfect as possible, with the most advanced Photoshop skills.
  • Why settle for just learning the basics of Photoshop when you can master the more complex functions, too? Sign up today and look forward to a brighter future.

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