Illustrator CS6: Advanced

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About the course

Brush up on your graphics and effects skills with our online Illustrator CS6: Advanced course that unlocks the little known and hidden features of this fantastic software. Experienced Illustrator professional Bob Flisser takes you beyond just creating simple shapes, empowering you to start masking, tracing and creating 3D art and seamless patterns. You’ll also easily master managing colour and using Illustrator with Photoshop, with Bob’s easy-to-understand, jargon free approach.

How Long Will It Take?

As long as you want it to within the 12-month period you’re signed up for. The 17 units of study are delivered in parts as you progress through the course at a pace that suits you. E-learning frees you to study whenever and wherever you want to. And unlike in a traditional classroom setting you can skip over areas you grasp quickly and revisit topics that you need to devote more time to, meaning you can tailor your learning to your own unique needs.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

You’ll gain the expertise to master the different types of masks, the new Image Trace and Pattern Creation panels and how to get to grips with perspective using the Perspective grid. Then you’ll move on to selecting colour with the Color Guide panel and creating bristle and calligraphic brushes. You’ll also discover all the multiple ways you can use Illustrator with Photoshop and synchronize colour management with other Creative Suite applications. All these new skills will empower you to create inspiring, eye-catching content for your future projects.

Key Learning Points

Become an Illustrator CS6 pro by mastering how to create stunning artwork in perspective and 3D, using all the professional techniques and time-saving shortcuts that will boost both your productivity and creativity. Beginner students may wish to look at completing the Essentials course first.

  • Start by tackling the key area of clipping and opacity masks with Bob Flisser’s comprehensive guide.
  • In the Advanced Drawing Tools chapter find out how to draw with a blob brush tool, use the variable width tools, built-in stroke profiles and draw and paste.
  • Next, master everything you need to know about controlling transparency and using Layer modes.
  • In Using The Mesh Tool, learn to create real-world shading effects and use gradient mesh editing techniques.
  • Using Image Trace gets you up to speed with tracing both automatically and manually.
  • Next, discover all you need to know about the crucial area of painting and recolouring before moving on to taking control of the Perspective grid.
  • In Advanced Type Effects, learn how to create text worthy of your fantastic artistic creations, then move on to all you need to know about presenting data with the Graph tool.
  • Make your content come alive by mastering how to draw in 3D.
  • Find out all you need to know about creating patterns before using the software to create your own pattern brushes.
  • Next find out how you can use different tools to distort your illustrations before moving on to finding out how to create and edit symbols.
  • Add colour to your learning by making sure you understand all you need to know about colour management.
  • Put it all together by discovering how to use Illustrator with Photoshop.
  • Finally, round off your newfound expertise by finding out all you need to know about exporting, proofing and pre-press.

Advantages of this course

  • Our interactive simulations make you feel like you’re actually using the software in a real-life setting.
  • Test your progress with our multiple choice and fill in the blanks style questioning.
  • The glossary and search features make accessing information simple and instant.
  • You’ve got the talent to create amazing artwork with Illustrator CS6 – this course gives you the confidence and skills to make the most of it.
  • Add professionalism to your design and illustration projects.
  • Turn your talent into cash by adding this bankable skill to your professional repertoire and boosting your CV.

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