Premiere Pro CS6: Essentials

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About the course

Get to grips with some of the fundamental concepts behind Premiere Pro CS6 and develop your editing skills to improve your job prospects. Whether you wish to add to your current skillset, to help progression into the job of your dreams, or even if you are content in your current role but would like to build on your abilities, Premiere Pro CS6 is a pivotal tool for video producers and editors, and this course offers an easy and convenient way of learning the ropes.

Learn the Essentials

While each version of Premiere Pro brings with it new features, the basic functions remain the same. With the tool, even amateur video producers can create videos that are as exquisite as those created by professionals; by signing up to this course, you will learn how the application works, and how to maximise its usage. Hosted by an Adobe expert, Debbie Keller, you will be guided through all of the essential concepts, features and functions, so that you too can learn how to use this powerful piece of editing software.

Key Learning Points

This course would be a useful tool for anyone wishing to develop their skills in video editing, whether that’s to follow the profession as a career, or even as a pastime. Other Adobe courses are also available, if students wish to gain comprehensive knowledge of the software franchise.

  • Learn how to create a new workspace for a project, and explore the panels available, including the project, program and source panels.
  • Learn how to import media including videos and Photoshop files into the project panel and how to organise them.
  • Get to grips with the timeline panel, and how to embed sequences.
  • Learn to create and use styles with titles, including rolling and crawling titles depending on the effects you wish to use.
  • Learn how to add audio to a project, including recording narration with the Audio Mixer, and transcribing speech.
  • Learn how to edit video in the timeline panel, and use tools such as ripple & rolling, slip & slide and time stretch and remapping.
  • Work with transitions and learn how to adjust them using the effect controls panel.
  • Learn how to stabilise shaky footage, how to adjust motion and opacity, apply colour correlation and use adjustment layers to create a finished product that fits your specifications perfectly.
  • Learn how to export the finished project, either to DVD using Encore, or as a PC file.

Advantages of this coures

  • Interactive simulations enable you to learn by doing, gaining practical expertise so that you can use the software with ease.
  • Monitor your progress with self-assessments, including multiple choice questions and fill in the blank exercises.
  • Content material delivered in manageable chunks to aid knowledge retention and to make the course more accessible.
  • Printable reference guides and tutorials so that you can learn away from your computer.
  • Increase your confidence as a pro or amateur editor and proficient user of Adobe software.
  • Add this Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 course to your CV to add value as a potential employee or further education student.
  • Boost your career prospects and become a competent user of an industry-standard Adobe tool.

Broaden your horizons and master the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 video editing software, by signing up to this course today!

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