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Master the powerful Adobe Creative Suite with this comprehensive online course that joins the dots between all areas of the software. Not only will you become confident and competent when working within specific areas of Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash Professional, you'll have the advanced skills that allow you to use the products in an integrated format as you get to grips with creating assets for all your print, web and digital projects.

What's Involved?

Like most busy professionals, you're aware of the need to keep your skillset at the cutting edge in order to stay ahead of the game and boost your future career prospects. However, in today's hectic, competitive world, it can be hard to find the time to devote to study. This is why our online course, which is divided into 7 engaging, easy-to-navigate chapters ranging in length from 49 to 100 minutes, is ideal for people who need to fit it into their busy working schedule. And it's not a problem if an unexpected deadline looms as you get a full 12 months to complete the course.

What Will I Learn?

The course guides you through everything you need to be truly confident and in control when using Creative Suite. Our insider tricks will soon have you creating innovative, original designs across print, ePubs, animation and web design. Other highlights include getting savvy with Illustrator's new Pattern Creation panel, Photoshop’s new Content Aware Move tool, InDesign's latest Collection tools for ePub files, Dreamweaver's adaptation to HTML5 and Fireworks’ updated tools for designing mock ups, sprites and mobile components.

Key Learning Points

Refresh and enrich your knowledge in all aspects of Creative Suite CS6 while mastering the essential skill of knowing how to make all this sophisticated software work together.

  • In Organising Assets in Adobe Bridge you’ll start by exploring the Bridge interface before tackling the topics of batch renaming files, filtering images with keywords, labels and ratings, working with metadata, creating Collections and Smart Collections and exporting to Facebook, using the Loupe tool and creating a PDF.
  • Move on to Vector Image Editing With Illustrator which guides you through the Illustrator interface before taking you through creating new documents and multiple artboards, Vector Objects, points, paths, strokes and fills, using the Selection and Direct Selection tool, exploring the Layers and Appearance panels, looking at the Image Trace, groups and compounds paths, working with colours and gradients, using patterns and effects and mastering text.
  • Raster Image Editing with Photoshop gets you exploring the Photoshop interface, working with Layers, making selections, using advanced selection techniques, using Content-Aware Fill and the Clone Stamp tool and finding out what's new in the Layers panel.
  • Designing a Layout With InDesign covers the nitty gritty of creating frames, importing other file formats, understanding master pages, creating functionality to register a user, building an ePUb file in the Articles panel, linking page items and collecting and placing content and finally exporting for HTML5 and using alternate layouts.
  • In Animating & More With Flash Professional you'll master the timeline, library and symbols, learn to create motion, classic and shape tweens, use movie clips and get on top of library assets, PNG sequences, sprite sheets, exporting/publishing and AIR Mobile Content Simulator for Android and iOS.
  • Creating a Website In Dreamweaver gets you confident in building beautiful websites as you explore CSS styles and customising CSS, working with templates, using class selectors, the Assets panel and internal links, converting a site into a template and creating editable reports. There's also an introduction to HTML5 and testing for mobile devices.
  • Finally in Integrating with Fireworks, you'll add the finishing sparkle to you Creative Suite skills as you explore the Fireworks interface, create a new file, import and edit graphics, manipulate Vector Objects, use the Properties panel, export graphics for Dreamweaver, design mock ups, learn about sprites and mobile components and use colours, textures, alpha support and sharing styles.

Advantages of this course

  • Progress is easy to monitor and test with our online multiple choice and fill in the blanks style questioning.
  • Our glossary and search feature makes it easy to instantly look up terms.
  • Save money by creating your own business resources, rather than paying someone else to do it for you.
  • Our interactive simulations mean you learn by gaining valuable practical experience of the software.
  • Add a professional touch to all your creative digital design hobbies and projects.
  • Add a huge bank of valuable software skills to your CV, boosting your prospects immeasurably.
  • Increase your confidence and move on to the next stage of your career with your comprehensive Creative Suite CS6 expertise.


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