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About the course

Ignite your web design skills with our online Fireworks CS6 Design course. Once you've mastered the art of using this exciting Adobe software to turbo boost the creative web design skills you already have, you'll be lighting up the Internet with your innovative, inspiring content. These days, it's not enough to put a website together and hope for the best. The fact that we're all increasingly living our lives online means that in order to stand out on the already overcrowded World Wide Web, your web design needs to have that certain sparkle that Fireworks proficiency can provide.

What Am I Committing To?

Like everyone else, your working life is probably so busy that in between meeting your deadlines and trying to fit in a bit of downtime each day, you feel like you don't have much space in your schedule for extra study. However the good news is with this online course, split into 10 engaging and interactive chapters, you get the flexibility to fit it into your life at a time and in a place that suits you. And with 12 full months to complete the course, there's no pressure to meet an imminently looming deadline!

What Will I Learn?

Fireworks CS6 Design will empower you to skyrocket your web design skills to the next level. The days when people only viewed web content on one platform are long gone and with the new support for CSS3 and the jQuery Mobile Framework that make re-purposing your design for multiple platforms a breeze, you'll be design savvy across webpages and mobile applications. In short, if it has a touchscreen you can create fantastic content for it.

Key Learning Points

Explore your creativity by mastering all you need to know to build creative, exciting websites with Fireworks CS6.

  • Get started by exploring the tools, commands and guides.
  • In Working With Vector Shapes, you'll learn to use the vector tools, colour tools and live filters before getting the low down on the improved colour access, using the new Alpha support for fill & stroke and creating a banner ad.
  • Your knowledge of bitmaps won't have bits missing after you get confident using the bitmap selection tools, performing image correction and vector masking.
  • The Creating Text chapter gets you up to speed with creating and formatting text, optimising, distorting and adding effects to text, formatting paragraphs, checking spelling and adjusting learning and more.
  • In Using Symbols & The Common Library you'll get these subjects sussed before moving on to Working With Layers & Pages.
  • Animating in Fireworks gets you moving when it comes to creating an animated GIF and tweening and adjusting states using onion skinning.
  • In Putting It All Together get to grips with wireframing, designing a mock up then adding paragraphs, lists and text fields before designing a mobile version of it. Then move on to exporting, saving and extracting CSS properties before finding out about the new CSS sprites and jQuery mobile skinning options.
  • Finally, consolidate your new expertise by finding out how to integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Advantages of this course

  • Our interactive simulations mean you can actually experience Fireworks in our online learning environment.
  • Test your progress with our online multiple choice and fill in the blanks style questioning.
  • Use our handy glossary and search feature to quickly access all the information you need.
  • Boost your creativity, increase your confidence and get noticed by potential clients and employers with your fantastic new Fireworks skills.

Brighten up your life and the Internet today by signing up to Fireworks CS6.

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