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About the course

Embrace your passion for digital creativity and learn how to create professional looking videos using Adobe Premiere Elements 8, with this fantastic online course. Whether you’re looking at adding a skill to your CV in the hope of getting a foot in the door of the industry, or you’re happy dabbling with video production as a hobby in your spare time, getting to grips with industry-leading applications such as Premiere Elements can really boost your know-how. See for yourself and sign up to this comprehensive course, that helps you to import, edit and export your media with a professional refinement that you may otherwise struggle to achieve.

Create Professional Videos with Ease

Ever wondered how others can produce fantastic videos? Now, you can learn how to do it yourself with Premiere Elements. Create a video of your baby’s first year as a gift, splice your wedding day footage together to create a show-stopping production or use your knowledge to apply for a position in a professional company. The options are endless, and with this course, you can be moving in the right direction in next to no time.

Key Learning Points

This course is a valuable resource for amateur videographers who would like to learn some tips and techniques to make their video productions shine, and also for prospective employees who would like to add a new skill to their CV, to help them stand out from their peers.

  • Spend some time being introduced to the software, and learn how import media and create a new project.
  • Learn how to create an InstantMovie by selecting clips and customising themes.
  • Learn how to upload a video directly to Facebook, after you have edited, split and trimmed clips in the timeline.
  • Learn how to apply and edit transitions in the timeline, and fine tune them to suit your requirements.
  • Take part in an audio workshop, which will introduce you to soundtracks, adjusting volume and balance levels, using SmartSound Quicktracks and adding voiceover narration to your media.
  • Create rolling credits, import still images, adjust motion and use the time stretch tool to enhance your media production.
  • Learn how to share your media, by saving a copy to your PC, burning it to disc, exporting to a mobile device or sharing it online.
  • Take a tour of the newer features and get to grips with their functions, including motion tracking, auto-analysing video, creating an InstantMovie and adding an FLV to an album.

Advantages of this coures

  • Online IT training, keywords search facility and step by step instructions available to help you navigate the courseware and get to grips with how to use it.
  • Technical support also available if you run into difficulty with any of the more technical issues.
  • Material delivered in bitesize chunks, to aid absorption of the knowledge and to ensure you don’t become too overwhelmed.
  • Interactive simulations, printable reference guides and tutorials, and self-assessments (including multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank styles) available to improve knowledge retention and to ensure the material is engaging.
  • Improve your job prospects, or just learn a new skill, with this digital media course.

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