NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Intermediate to Advanced)

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About the course

The experience of undergoing NLP training is a life-changing one for many people. Its techniques offer substantial advantages and benefits, be it for the individual or an organisation.

NLP consists of a powerful set of techniques for rapid and effective behavioural modification. It is based on the ability of knowing the outcome you want to achieve, having a clear understanding of whether you are moving towards or away from your goal, learning to change your behaviour to achive your target and then taking appropriate action.

This in-depth home study and online course enhances your skills and experience by training you to an advanced level, so that you can use your knowledge to help yourself and others achieve specific goals and improve life on both a personal and professional level.

What you can expect from this course

NLP happens to be one of the most advanced technologies for creating human change both in individuals and groups in Education, Business, Coaching, Sales, Therapy, Sports Performance and basically any area where human beings need to improve their own performance in life, work & business.

Carefully designed to provide a logical learning-journey, this course will build on your current experience and skills in NLP and take your expertise to an advanced level.

Using proven ‘show and ask’ training methods, and step-by-step interactive software, you will have access to the course for a full 12 months – so you can fit your studies in around your work and home life and work at a pace that suits you.

Module one covers everything from SMART Goal setting and Sensory Acuity & Rapport to understanding the Conscious and Unconscious Mind and Representational Systems & Eye Accessing Cues.

Whilst Module two goes on to look at, amongst other things, Temporal Interpolation and Advanced Anchoring, Copying & Pasting Keyframes and an Introduction to Neurolinguistics & Chunking.

How does NLP improve individual and organisational performance?

NLP Practitioners help people come up with solutions in their lives to a wide range of complex problems and situations.

  • Read and use body language skills and see instant, amazing results.
  • Effective treatment of phobias, depression and OCD.
  • Get rid of negative feelings that have held you back for ages.
  • Deal with difficult people and circumstances with ease.
  • Improve your communicating skills to win more business, deliver better presentations and get your message across more clearly.
  • Advance techniques of stress management.
  • Boost in Self-belief and confidence.
  • Assertiveness in decisions and speech.
  • Empathy, ethical and moral considerations.
  • Improves effectiveness and productivity at work.

Buy this course today, overcome your fears, feel great about yourself and improve your relationships with everyone.

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