Financial Modeling with MS Excel

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About the course

Boost your skills and have the confidence to take control of business finances with this fantastic online Financial Modeling with MS Excel course. As every finance professional knows, financial modeling is the crucial skill of building an accurate model representing the financial assets, performance and future prospects of a business – an essential tool in business success.

In today’s competitive world, every finance and commerce professional needs to have an unshakable grip on their company’s financial situation and strategy going forward. This course trains professionals like you to confidently handle financial models by applying Microsoft tools and applications to their greatest effect.

Minimum Investment for Maximum Benefit

You’re a busy career person with a hectic schedule and never-ending to-do list, so one thing you’re always short of is time. This globally recognised course, comprised of 15 hours of top quality e-learning with a mock simulation exam at the end, is accessed at a time convenient to you, so you can easily stay ahead of the game by building your learning into your busy diary, day or night. The rewards you’ll reap in your confidence and ability to use financial modeling techniques for the success of both the business you work for and yourself personally mean that committing the relatively small amount of time needed to complete the course is an easy decision.

Is it for Me?

There is no prior qualification needed for this course, however it’s designed to enhance the skills of people who have already grasped the fundamentals of both finance and Excel. Professionals in the fields of financial services, investment banking, project management, corporate finance, accounting, business planning and strategy and many more have all used this course as a springboard for greater confidence and success due to an increased knowledge of financial modeling. Our course is also suitable for those aspiring to work in these areas and students working on engineering or commerce-related degrees who wish to gain a competitive, real-world edge on their peers as they prepare to launch their careers.

Key Learning Points

Hone your skills when using advanced MS Excel tools and techniques in your everyday financial analysis with this Financial Modeling with MS Excel course. Your newly-enhanced understanding of the complexities of where your business stands today will lead you to more confident decision making about where to take it in the future.

  • Learn how to use advanced MS Excel tools and techniques to create models for financial analysis and decision making.
  • Gain in-depth expertise as you work through sections on valuation modeling, project finance, merger & acquisition, macros for financial modeling, advanced Excel functions for financial modeling and advanced charting and dash-boarding techniques.
  • Gain varied insight into financial modeling in several different industries and scenarios – we offer models of Godrej properties, KORS and Bajaj Corp.
  • Understand how to analyze your business or project’s future prospects and direction based on historic data.
  • Gain the tools and skills you need to make sound investment decisions or give investment advice to your business peers.

Advantages of this course

  • Have the knowledge to interpret business data for confident and competent decision making at your fingertips.
  • Even better, once you pass the online mock simulation exam on completion of the course, you’ll also gain a certificate of completion in Financial Modeling with MS Excel.
  • Easy-to-navigate course comprised of 15 hours of e-learning access, with a handy downloadable e-book and 15 PDUs offered.
  • Our focus on different types of industries gives you in-depth insight into financial modeling in several different fields, meaning no one can ever accuse you of being a one-trick pony when it comes to financial modeling!
  • Our professional trainers combine teaching know-how with solid industry experience.
  • Never be stumped again by the question – ‘how much should we invest?’ or indeed ‘should we be investing at all?’
  • Add an impressive and marketable skill to your CV.

Drive the business you’re involved in and your own personal career prospects forward by buying this course today!

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