MCSA SQL Server 2012 (Live Labs Included)

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About the course

Develop the skills needed to become a fully qualified SQL Server 2012 database administrator with the official Microsoft Certified Systems Architect qualification. Upon completion of this intensive hands-on course, students will be ready to sit the exams required to achieve the MCSA qualification.

From the core fundamentals of querying tables through to building an enterprise-class data warehouse, the SQL Server 2012 database administrator course is perfect for administrators, implementers, system engineers and developers who want to improve their skills and earn an industry-recognised qualification.

More than simply providing access to course materials however, e-Careers’ Practice-Labs help students develop their practical skills with access to dedicated live equipment, allowing them to put their knowledge to the test and recreate the scenarios they encounter in their studies. By completing this course students will not only fully understand the concepts behind Microsoft SQL Server 2012, but also develop the skills needed to properly manage, maintain and manipulate a database in a real world environment.

Key learning points

The MCSA SQL Server 2012 qualification is built around three exams, and this course is tailored to help students understand the concepts and techniques required to pass them all.

Training begins with the fundamental techniques needed to access, manipulate and transform data stored in SQL Server 2012. Students will master:

  • The Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language, and how to build efficient queries, stored procedures and views that return key information quickly.
  • How to combine datasets, rank results and extend tables programmatically.
  • Optimise T-SQL statements for the most efficient operation.
  • Extend reporting and data transfer capabilities using XML.

Moving on, the course will then introduce trainees to the technology behind Microsoft SQL Server 2012. By practicing deployment and configuration of the database server, students will:

  • Appreciate the correct way to install and use add-on components, instances and services.
  • Build systems for high availability environments using AlwaysOn, mirroring and replication to keep data online at all times.
  • How to protect information from loss using database backup, restore and disaster recovery (DR) techniques.
  • Securing database contents by configuring permissions, alerts, logins, roles and more.
  • Practical troubleshooting, maintenance and optimisation techniques will ensure that trainees can deliver performance and reliability improvements for real-world deployments.

The final section of the course allows students to go deeper with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 by learning about enterprise deployment scenarios, like the building of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions:

  • Advanced data management concepts like data cleansing techniques and Extract Transform Load (ETL) package development and scheduling will keep information accurate, and improve data management, transfer and synchronisation for enterprise-class system design.
  • How to automate and simplify database management by using SSIS to manage package execution, task execution and scripts.
  • How best to maintain server health by using auditing, logging and event handling to assess and troubleshoot potential problems.

By completing these three modules, students will have the knowledge and skills required to sit and pass the three associated exams required to earn the Microsoft MCSA SQL Server 2012 qualification.

Advantages of this course

Web-accessible course materials allow students to follow the course at their own pace, in their own time. The MCSA SQL Server 2012 course provides:

  • All the training and resources needed to prepare for the MCSA SQL Server 2012 exam.
  • Develop real-world skills to back up database theory.
  • Improve knowledge, skills and employment prospects with Microsoft-approved course materials.
  • Install, configure and maintain SQL Server 2012 for optimum performance and reliability.
  • Master the techniques required to query and manipulate data using T-SQL.
  • Construct, deploy and manage an advanced SQL Server 2012 data warehouse.

The MCSA SQL Server 2012 course is essential for IT professionals who want to improve their database management skills, or gain the knowledge and experience required to pass their MCSA exam.

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