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Improve company IT service operations with the ITIL® Intermediate CSI course. As the name implies, this is an intermediate-level course for CIOs, IT Service Managers and other senior IT managers helping them to understand the importance of a continuous service improvement program and how to implement one.

The people who will most benefit from undertaking the ITIL® CSI course are:

  • CIOs who need to formalise their IT service delivery frameworks.
  • CTOs who need to design services and technologies to support ITIL® strategies.
  • Managers and supervisors who will be responsible for monitoring service delivery and recording data that will be used in future improvement iterations.
  • IT consultants who may be required to give advice and guidance to clients who are looking to improve their internal service delivery framework.

ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement (CSI) certification demonstrates expertise in ITIL® service improvement modules the processes, functions and activities involved in CSI. ITIL® Intermediate CSI certification evidences professional ability to apply CSI practices in the use of process and practice elements.

The self study approach to ITIL® Intermediate CSI allows students to complete modules and exercises at their own pace, reviewing progress and re-covering material where weaknesses are identified.


The ITIL® CSI course focuses on the framework library elements that involve service improvement, with a view to making positive change an ingrained element of the service lifecycle. Among the modules covered in the course are:

  • Placing continual service improvement in context to the other ITIL® lifecycle elements.
  • The principles and processes behind ITIL® CSI and how they must be applied to service delivery programs.
  • How to implement the organisational and operational changes required for a continual service improvement program.
  • Technology considerations when designing and implementing CSI plans.
  • Identifying challenges and risk factors that could affect CSI plans and recommendations.

Once all modules are complete, participants will be well prepared to sit the necessary ITIL® CSI exams necessary to earn their qualification. Students will also have the knowledge and experience required to begin implementing their own continual service improvement programs, delivering performance and reliability improvements for their service users.


By undertaking the ITIL® CSI course, IT professionals will be well equipped to begin implementing continual service improvement programs. The ITIL® CSI course provides many benefits in the form of:

  • The ability to build robust CSI programs that generate genuine value for businesses and services users alike.
  • Improves professional performance by confirming workers have the knowledge and skills they need to properly do their jobs.
  • Provides exam credits and supporting knowledge for professionals working towards the full ITIL® Intermediate, Expert or Master level qualifications.
  • Improve employment prospects as the certificate holder is able to demonstrate their expertise in the subject of ITIL® CSI.

Whether taken as a standalone course, or as the first step towards attaining a full ITIL® Intermediate qualification, the CSI module is essential for any IT professional tasked with implementing service improvements.


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