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About the course

Show the business world who’s boss by signing up to this exciting course that boasts affiliation from the hugely successful Dragons Den franchise. This carefully selected course package, including Business Essentials with Dragons Den, will instil all of the key business skills needed to get ahead, while also boosting confidence to chase your career dreams. The core skills you will develop as a fledgling dragon include business acumen, strategic thinking, decision making, commercial awareness and entrepreneurship & intrapreneurships – 5 essential areas of expertise for any business professional. From idea development, and ensuring a ready market, to the crucial subject areas of business analysis, planning and venture capital funding, this in-depth course pack will give you the opportunity to visualise and realise your future in business.

As part of Pack 1, you will benefit from the Business Essentials with Dragons Den course, along with three other popular online business-skill courses, specifically chosen to create a well-rounded package for any driven business professional. This comprehensive course package will take you on a journey through the business world, and will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and expertise that you will need to progress forward in your career, covering all manner of modules, including marketability, profitability, investment, bookkeeping and project management.

The Dragons Den education programme has benefited from extensive university research, so that the primary areas of a business course can be targeted, and delivered, professionally, with clarity and precision. Designed to develop true leaders in the business world, able to confidently make the best commercial and strategic decisions, this broad learning pack will help to lay the foundations needed to effectively represent any business and become a successful ‘dragon’ in real life!

key learning points

This course will complement the work of an already-operating business owner, boost any employee up the career ladder, and be a perfect stepping stone for hopeful entrepreneurs to reach their business goals. If you want to get ahead in the business world, in any capacity, this is the course for you. The all-encompassing course pack aims to fill the gaps in knowledge of any business professional, through videos and a scoresheet simulator, with additional courses included in the pack to allow individuals to brush up on multiple areas of business, all in one go.

  • The Dragon’s Den Business Essentials course is designed to develop your skills in 5 key areas; business acumen, strategic thinking, decision making, commercial awareness and entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to make the best commercial or strategic decisions for your organisation or company.
  • Learn how to harness a viable business idea, and analyse the marketplace to ensure a particular concept can be fruitful. Learn how profitability can be realistically achieved, and get to grips with business analysis worksheets to help fulfil these objectives.
  • Understand more about venture capital funding, and how to identify a potential investment opportunity from an investor viewpoint. Gain insight into how to compete with other investors to secure specific projects.
  • Learn how to assess, adjust and refine business plans so that the probability of venture capital funding is as high as possible.
  • Become adept at the revolutionary My First Million technique and compare individual assessments with those of a qualified in-house consultant.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to create professional spreadsheets and how to utilise the software to analyse, report and manipulate data. Understand basic and more complex principles, which can then be applied to your own business.
  • Gain insight into some of the essential accounting and bookkeeping skills, and build a solid foundation on which to grow your financial expertise.
  • Get to grips with PRINCE2 Project Management, and the associated principles.

Advantages of this course

  • Online delivery system, meaning you can learn on the go, at your own pace. All you need is internet access and a motivation to learn.
  • Self-study allows complete control of when you pick up the study materials. There are no deadlines, and the pack is available 24/7, every day of the year.
  • The Business Essentials with Dragons Den course is affiliated with the Dragons Den franchise, so you can have ultimate confidence in the material.
  • Access to the e-Careers social network ensures you’re not alone – chat with others in the same situation, and trade tips, advice and course guidance.
  • Technical support available, should you run into difficulty with the software operation.
  • Real-life in-house consultants on hand to offer expert advice on individual business pitches.
  • Become more adept at properly assessing a business pitch and being well-informed of investment opportunities.
  • Make good business decisions, and avoid making costly mistakes that can be a result of bad choices.
  • Boost company profitability and increase the chances of becoming a successful business professional!

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