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About the course

Prove your knowledge of Adobe Flash by qualifying as an Adobe Certified Associate with our Official Adobe ACA Flash Exam & Certification package. Your new status as a Certified Associate will clearly demonstrate to colleagues, clients and potential employers that you’re a confident and competent user of Flash. Not only that, it proves you’ve taken the time to enrich and expand your Flash knowledge by ensuring you’ve got what it takes to pass the exam as well as put your expertise to good use in your everyday working life.

Do I Have To Commit To An Exam Date?

No. The good news is, you can practice and revise the skills you’ll need to pass the exam at a time and pace that suits you. So there’s no need to panic that the exam’s looming and the demands of work and life have meant you haven’t had enough time to devote to your studies. Once you feel confident that you’ve got what it takes to pass, take the mock test and replicates the exact questioning and format of the real exam. Once you’ve sailed through that, it’s time to take the exam at a time that suits you and in the knowledge that you’re fully prepared.

What Will ACA Certification Do For Me?

Achieving your Adobe Certified Associate status sends a clear signal that you’re a skilled professional who’s gone above and beyond the demands of your day-to-day working life to invest the time in proving your abilities. Certiport’s rigorous internet-based testing software is trusted industry-wide to provide an accurate, internationally standardised assessment of every student’s performance. As a result, as a Certified Associate, you gain an edge on the competition by your ability to use digital media to plan, design, build and maintain effective communications.

Key Learning Points

Master these important skills included in the package and you’ll achieve your Official ACA Flash Certification as quick as a flash:

  • Start by getting up to speed with setting project requirements.
  • Leave no stone unturned when it comes to answering questions based on identifying interactive media design elements.
  • In order to pass the exam, you’ll understand everything you need to know about the Adobe Flash Professional Interface.
  • Get confident when it comes to being tested on building interactive media elements with Flash Professional.

Advantages of this course

  • Increase your confidence in your Adobe flash proficiency and look forward to your exam with the peace of mind that you’re as well prepared as possible.
  • Becoming a Certified Associate not only boosts your career prospects, it increases your efficiency, productivity and professional kudos.
  • This package gives you the freedom to progress at your own pace, meaning you can plan your study time to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Certiport’s respected web-based examining software makes ACA exams the industry gold standard.
  • Feel reassured that you’ve got the chance to sit the mock test before you tackle the exam.

Invest in your future today by signing up for the Official Adobe ACA Flash Exam & Certification – a sure way to prove those Adobe Flash skills.

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