Basic Introduction to Bookkeeping

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An introduction to the three fundamental concepts in accounting: the separate entity concept, the accounting equation and the dual effect of double entry transactions (debits and credits)

The purpose of these three bite-sized training sessions is to introduce you to bookkeeping and accounting and to put the subject into context. We consider this to be an essential pre-cursor to your further accounting studies.



Course Syllabus:

Basic Bookkeeping: Introduction to this learning area

  • Useful aide-memories
  • Accounting flow chart
  • Double-entry Flow Chart
  • Enhanced Double-entry Flow Chart
  • DEADCLIC somepeople help with each accounting category
  • Glossary of Accounting Terms

Basic Bookkeeping: Learning Session 1

  • Transcript for Basic Bookkeeping Session 1

Basic Bookkeeping: Learning Session 2

  • Transcript for Basic Bookkeeping Session 2
  • Cash Budgeting Game
  • Activity 1 Simon Brown
  • Activity 1 Simon Brown Answers
  • Activity 2 More Simon Brown
  • Activity 2 More Simon Brown Answers
  • Activity 3 Sylvia Watson
  • Activity 3 Sylvia Watson Answers

Basic Bookkeeping: Learning Session 3

  • Transcript for Basic Bookkeeping Session 3
  • Activity 4 Sylvia Watson Trail Balance
  • Activity 4 Sylvia Watson Trail Balance Answers

Course Study Format
This course is delivered through ONLINE method. The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.

Skills Assessments

Test yourself and receive a certificate online. Multiple choice or fill in the blanks style questioning helps you remember and learn.

Study Hours
This is only an approximate figure and is dependent upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material.

All exam vouchers supplied with Blue Mountain courses must be used within the duration of your course. Exam Vouchers become invalid once the course has expired.


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