Official Sage 50 Payroll Certification (STAGE 1 & 2 Package)

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About the course

Sage 50 Payroll Certification is the only accredited performance-based certification program approved by Sage to prove you have the expertise to work with Sage 50 Payroll. Sage 50 Payroll Self Study workbooks come complete with a 180-day version Sage Payroll, which is of plus practice data to get some real hands-on experience.

Sage 50 Payroll Self-study workbooks teach you everything you need to know about Sage Payroll, from getting your payroll started to the more challenging aspects of payroll including your tax month end processing. It also covers RTI (Real Time Information) submissions, which need to be sent to HM Revenue & Customs.

Real Time Information, or RTI, is a new 2014 system that’s being introduced by HMRC to improve the operation of Pay as You Earn (PAYE). With this new legislation fast approaching it’s important to start preparing your business now.





  • Use shortcut keys and navigate around your software
  • Deal with access rights
  • Backup, rollback and restore your data
  • Set up legislation and company details
  • Create employee records, personnel records and use global changes
  • Enter year to date values
  • Set up pay elements
  • Process your payroll run
  • Set up and use pension schemes, company loan schemes and produce the P32
  • Reset payments and use the timesheet entry
  • Deal with new starters and leavers
  • Understand the pay review and variance settings
  • Advance holiday pay and record holidays and absences


  • Work with the Nominal link to Sage Accounts
  • Export data to files
  • Import data into Sage 50 Payroll
  • Use the Microsoft integration tools and task reminders in Sage 50 Payroll
  • Deal with attachment of earnings orders
  • Set up and process student loans
  • Apply SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP to your payroll
  • Understand the payroll tax month end process
  • Use e-banking in Sage 50 Payroll to make BACS payments
  • Produce reports from Sage 50 Payroll


The test includes drag and drop scenarios, multiple choice questions and simulations on using Sage 50 Payroll. We'll email you full details of how to prepare for, access and complete your online exam and become Sage Certified.

After you pass the exam you'll receive a Sage 50 Payroll Certificate as proof of your Sage 50 Payroll skills, helping boost your CV and setting you apart in todays competitive job market.

Career path


Employee benefits Employer benefits

  • Gain official proof that you are a competent Sage user to levels 1 and 2
  • Learn skills that will help you to be more productive in the workplace
  • Add another string to your bow - Sage Certification is a valuable qualification to add to your CV
  • Temp Pay is typically raised by £10 per hour with this qualification (£5,000 pa)

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