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Is letter writing a dying art? If you are concerned about your candidate’s or colleague’s ability when it comes to business correspondence then this online training is ideal. It has been developed in association with teachers and college lecturers to ensure it comprehensively covers the essentials for writing professional business letters and emails.

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Course Syllabus:

Business Letter Writing:

  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Letter or Email
  • House Style and Letter Templates
  • Letter Layout
  • Salutation & Complimentary Close
  • Structuring your Letter (The 4 Point Plan)
  • Basic Grammatical Rules
  • Tone and Formatting
  • Golden Rules of Letter Writing

Business Email Writing:

  • Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • Email or letter
  • General Etiquette
  • Structure
  • Templates
  • Formatting
  • Greeting and Sign Off
  • Example Emails
  • Basic Grammatical Rules
  • Use the Correct Tone
  • Golden Rules of Email Writing



Course Study Format
This course is delivered through ONLINE method. The course is available for you to complete at your convenience over a 12 month period.
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Study Hours
This is only an approximate figure and is dependent upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material.


All exam vouchers supplied with Blue Mountain courses must be used within the duration of your course. Exam Vouchers become invalid once the course has expired.
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Our Online IT Training Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any computer that
has online access! Unless otherwise specified, official exams are not included.


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Become fully trained and substantially improve your chances of employment or earn more money!

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