Financial Modeling With MS Excel

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About the course

Boost your skills and have the confidence to take control of business finances with this fantastic online Financial Modeling with MS Excel course. As every finance professional knows, financial modeling is the crucial skill of building an accurate model representing the financial assets, performance and future prospects of a business – an essential tool in business success.

In today’s competitive world, every finance and commerce professional needs to have an unshakable grip on their company’s financial situation and strategy going forward. This course trains professionals like you to confidently handle financial models by applying Microsoft tools and applications to their greatest effect.


Who is it for?


MBA students, commerce graduates, Investment Bankers, Business Analyst, Professionals in Corporate Finance, Project Finance or any finance and commerce professionals looking to strengthen their knowledge of financial modeling techniques and application



Financial Modeling with MS Excel Certification Benefits

Understanding of Financial Modeling techniques

Understanding of spreadsheet-based modeling

Understanding of Financial Modeling techniques

Understanding of Advanced excel techniques

Better management of financial models

Improves job performance.

About Financial Modeling with MS Excel Certification

Financial Modeling with MS® Excel training enables professionals to handle finance models applying Microsoft Excel tools and applications with better hand.

Financial Modeling is the task of building a model representing financial asset and performance of a business. Financial Modeling skills are must skills for finance and commerce professionals especially for almost all mid-senior management professionals worldwide.

Financial Modeling helps finance and commerce professionals to gain a solid understanding of financial modeling techniques to succeed in today’s demanding environment.


Provide understanding on usage of advanced MS Excel tools and techniques in financial analysis and decision making

Analyze future forecast and sustainability of business or project based on historical data

Provide understanding on business data, and decision making for given business situation

Knowledge on how much to invest, which project or asset to invest in, and even whether to invest at all etc.

Who should attend?

Professionals working in financial service industry, investment banking, project management, corporate finance and treasury, real estate industry, accounting and finance department, equity research, business planning and strategy.

Any aspirants interested to work for financial service industry, investment banking, business planning and strategy.

Also candidates pursuing engineering or commerce graduation, CA, CFA, CS, FRM


We conduct an online exam after completion of the training. On successful completion of this exam, participants will be provided Certificate of Excellence in Financial Modeling with MS Excel.

Financial Modeling with MS Excel is a must study for finance professionals. No such governing body administers Financial Modeling exam.

However, many Financial Modeling training providers conduct exam to evaluate a candidate’s skills on financial modelling.


Is this course recognised globally?

Financial Modeling with Excel course is a highly valued course across the world. On successful completion of training and clearing the certification exam, you would be receiving a certificate of completion, which is globally recognised.

Does the course include exam and certification?

Yes, we conduct an online exam after completion of

training. On successful completion of this exam, participants will be provided with certificate of excellence in Financial Modeling with MS excel.

What are the credentials of trainers teaching financial modeling with Excel classes?

Trainers have blended experience of practical knowledge of financial modeling and training delivery on financial modeling.

Do you offer industry specific financial modeling?

We use a broad based approach to offer training on modeling from different industries which would help you in understanding financial modeling on different scenarios. We offer models of Godrej properties, KORS, Bajaj Corp.


e-Careers Financial Modeling with Excel course is four day classroom training, scheduled over two weekends. The training provides in-depth knowledge on below topics:

Valuation Modeling

Project Finance

Merger and Acquisition

Macros for financial modeling

Advanced excel functions for financial modeling

Advanced charting and dash-boarding techniques

Key Features

15 Hrs of High Quality e-Learning access

15 PDUs offered

Chapter-end Quizzes

Excel Templates for practice

Case study based chapters

1 FM With MS Excel Simulation exam

Covers M&A, Valuation, LBO Models, VBA and Macro

Downloadable E-book Included

Study Materials Accredited by EXIN

Course Completion Certificate



There are no eligibility criteria for this course.

However, having knowledge on fundamentals of finance and excel basic skills is advised.

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