Android & Apple App Developer Package

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About the course

Learn how to make your very own Android or Apple app's with 20 hours of tutorials to study at your own pace, over a 12 month period. Online training material also means you can study from anywhere in the world, providing you have a computer with internet connection.



Android Developer:

Level 1: Beginning App Inventor for Non-Coders
Within your course you will have access to;

Module 1: Before you Begin

Module 2: Installing App Inventor

Module 3: Introduction to App Inventor

Module 4: App 1 - Hello Purr

Module 5: App 2 - V Android Zoo

Module 6: Working With App Inventor Files

Module 7: App 3 - Business Card App

Module 8: App 4 - Event App

Module 9: App 5 - Virtual Campus Tour

Module 10: App 6 - GPS Locator

Module 11: App 7 - Voice Text Message

Module 12: App 8 - Quiz Creator

Module 13: App 9 - Contact List

Module 14: App 10 - Mole Mash

Module 15: Preparing Your APK Files

Module 16: Uploading Your First App To the Android Market

Module 17: App Inventor Tips and Tricks

Module 18: Bonus Apps

Apple Iphone/Ipad Developer Training:
- System Requirements
- Highlights of the course
- Developer tools used
- Kind of apps which people will build
- Who is this course meant for and pre-requites
- Marketing


This course is meant for beginners who have never coded before.

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