Mastering QuickBooks Pro 2009

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About the course

Find out just how much easier life will be when you’ve mastered how to manage, record and understand your business’s finances with the comprehensive and easy-to-follow online course, Mastering QuickBooks Pro 2009. Even if you’re already using QuickBooks Pro 2009 at work, you may not be getting the most out of it. All its tools and features are easy to use when you know how, but if no one shows you, the demands of your day mean you’re unlikely to find the time to figure out how to be the QuickBooks Pro 2009 expert you know it’s well within your capabilities to be.

Why Learn Online?

Unlike traditional courses or one day seminars, e-learning gives you the flexibility to take control of your learning as you can study when you feel like it, where you feel like it, whether that’s during a quieter afternoon at work or at home in your favourite armchair. The Mastering QuickBooks Pro course may be easy to navigate, but with 21 in-depth units of study, it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting you up to speed as the go-to QuickBooks Pro 2009 expert in your company. Not only will your new-found efficiency and expertise make your more productive, it will also get you noticed when it’s time to aim for a promotion or new job.

Key Learning Points

The software we use at work can make our lives so much easier, but only if we’re 100% confident in our ability to use it. Take control of QuickBooks Pro 2009 with this easy to navigate online course, split into 21 chapters, ranging from 8 minutes to 46 minutes long.

  • Start at the very beginning with the QuickBooks Overview before moving on to The Company File, where you’ll learn to open an existing company and set up a new company file.
  • The Chart of Accounts section teaches you how to add and edit accounts and how to display and add account numbers.
  • In Preferences & Security, find out how to customise QuickBooks Pro 2009 to suit your unique needs and how to implement security in the system.
  • Company Lists will get you organising and using lists with confidence and Importing Data covers general import strategies, using the Conversion Tool and importing from Microsoft Excel.
  • In our Bank Accounts chapter find out how to create and use accounts, write cheques and transfer funds.
  • The Services & Inventory section covers all you need to know about entering products and services, using the Vendor List, ordering and receiving products, making adjustments, returning items to vendors and producing inventory reports.
  • Recording Sales and Sales Adjustments and Statements will get you up to speed with invoicing, creating statements and more, enabling you to move on to the Custom Sales Forms chapter.
  • Gain control over what’s coming in and out of your business in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Sales tax won’t be taxing after you study the Sales Tax chapter.
  • In Managing Employee Data find out all you need to know about payroll.
  • Move on to our Credit Cards, Other Entries and Online Banking chapters.
  • Sharing Information teaches you how to write letters, sync with Microsoft Outlook, share reports and work with an accountant’s copy.
  • Now finalise your newfound expertise with Finalising Your Accounting.

Advantages of this course

  • Save on accountancy fees by using QuickBooks to do your own company books.
  • Make yourself more valuable in the workplace by adding QuickBooks expertise to your skillset.
  • Not only will the Mastering QuickBooks Pro 2009 course make your day-to-day working life easier and less stressful, your new CV-boosting skills will help you get that interview for the amazing new opportunity you’ve got your eye on.
  • Receive a Course Completion Certificate as proof of your new skills.
  • Heard about a new QuickBooks Pro 2009 upgrade? Don’t worry; you’ll receive any updates we make to the course within your 12 months for free.

Take control of not just QuickBooks Pro 2009 but of your future career prospects by signing up to Mastering QuickBooks Pro 2009 today.

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