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This Business Administration Level 3 qualification teaches learners a range of different techniques which are required to work in a company. This Business Administration Level 3 qualification course is aimed towards teaching of the skills and techniques needed to work in small team surroundings. The course teaches how to work in a company and complete basic administrative tasks to the highest level, as accurately and efficiently as possible. You will also learn tasks such as how to plan a meeting, how to work with others and invaluable administration skills.

Unit 1

Being prepared and working effectively in a corporate environment requires you to excel in a variety of areas. This unit will explain the different issues that you will need to understand when working in the fast-paced world of business. Business is very much about people and working as a team- so you need to appreciate things like confidentiality, teamwork and effective working relationships in order to become a valued member of the business you work for.

At the end of this unit you should have a much better understanding of the risk, security, sustainability and customs that are associated with this working role

Unit 2

Businesses require a group of people to work together and to do this you must have great communication skills. Some tasks are simply too large for one person to complete on their own so being able to communicate with colleagues and work as a team is essential to get the job done. There are many different ways to do this and you must understand the organisational structure to fully appreciate who to communicate with and how to work as a team.

In this unit we will explore communication within a business environment and the huge impact that this has on the success of any organisation.

Unit 3

Customer relationships and service is one of the most important aspects of any organisation. In this unit we will learn about the need for developing rapport and relations with clients in order to build a strong customer base who will return to purchase goods and services from the company.

Being able to tailor your approach and work closely with customers is required of all people in a business and those working in an administration role will usually have regular contact with the public. Being able to work with a wide variety of people is required to achieve your Business Administration Level 3 qualification and ensure you can give these people exactly the service they expect is the responsibility of all working for an organisation.

Unit 4

Having the ability to plan, prepare and organise meetings between different members of a team within a business is a vital skill required in business administration. In this unit we will cover the full organisational structure of meetings from planning to follow-ups as well as the successful participation in a business meeting. This can be somewhat daunting if you have never done this before so being able to work in a calm and sophisticated manner is essential at all times.

Armed with the skills taught in this unit you will have a much deeper understanding of how to get the most from meetings and ensure that they achieve the planned outcome.

Unit 5

This unit of the Business Administration Level 3 course will focus on the skills required to plan and create documents to a high quality these documents come in many forms such as reports, emails, letter, agendas, sales information etc. and will give an impression of your organisation at all times. Understanding how to create these documents in such a way as to give the best possible reflection on the organisation that you represent is critical to boosting the brand and lines of communication between your business and other companies or directly with customers.

Unit 6

Understanding how to manage a team and improve other people’s performance is very important in the business world. This will help you to get the most from those around you and to work as part of a strong team to ensure each person is performing to the best of their ability. By supporting, motivating and empowering your colleagues you will be able to form strong bonds and work as a team to achieve all of your combined and individual objectives.

Throughout this unit we will cover the skills and knowledge needed to do this as well as the various management styles that you may come across. Being able to do this and steer a team of people to work based objectives will ensure that you are a very valued member of any company.

This course is assessed through tutor marked assignments which must be sent to your tutor for marking. You will then be provided with feedback and a mark on your work from your tutor within 5 days. After each assignment has been sent off and marked as complete you will have passed the qualification and will receive your certification.


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