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Looking for A Coaching and Mentoring Course? Want To Be a Great Coach & Mentor? Then this is for you.

Now you can help every member of your team become an even greater asset to your business.

Coaching is a master skill of great Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders. Having invested in recruiting the best people,the best Managers invest in coaching to develop, motivate and retain great people.

Where coaching generally focuses on a particular task an individual needs to learn, mentoring focuses on the whole person.

Mentoring is about the guidance and support you can give to an individual that allows their career to have direction and purpose. 

Why not join us for the 1 day course at The Bolholt Country Park Hotel Bury BL8 1PU.

We are now celebrating 25 years of providing great Management Training.
Coaching and mentoring are development techniques designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and work performance of every member of your business team.  They are techniques that apply to employees in all departments and at all levels. Your people are your greatest assets and by supporting them through an established process of coaching and mentoring you will instill confidence and create a positivity that will lead to even greater business success
Now you can develop coaching and mentoring skills to:
  • Be a powerful coach and Mentor, 
  • Find the good and great in every member of your team, 
  • Help them set development goals, 
  • Help them gain high self esteem and confidence, 
  • Help them to help you grow the business, 
  • Give them support and encouragement, 

Praise the procedures you want repeated and then teach them to become the next coach and mentor.

This training course teaches the skills required for both coaching and mentoring and shows the relationship between the two skills - how they complement each other, as well as the distinction between where and when you should coach or mentor.
  • What is coaching?
  • Links to supervision
  • What are the skills of being an effective coach?
  • The learning ladder
  • Developing the coaching plan
  • The GROW model
  • Techniques for delivering the coaching plan
  • What is mentoring? 
  • What does mentoring involve?
  • The skills and qualities for successful mentoring
  • The life cycle of a Mentoring relationship
  • When is it appropriate to use coaching or mentoring?
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Mentoring skills
  • 3 level questioning
  • Active listening skills
  • Counselling
  • Types of mentoring schemes - the in-house or external mentor
  • Personal action plans 
Trainer profile: Melanie Windle
Melanie Windle is an experienced and creative personal development trainer and group facilitator whose methods and style of delivery empower individuals and groups to realise their potential. Melanie has been involved in developing people for over 25 years. Her specialist areas of training are the personal development skills required for managing ourselves, managing others or being managed. She works extensively across all three sectors – public, private and not-for-profit – both nationally and internationally.
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