Payroll & Credit Control Manager

Hemel Hempstead
From £25,000 to £25,000 per annum
08 Aug 2017
24 Aug 2017
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Up to £25,000 Stuck in a role that just doesn’t challenge you anymore? Have you had enough of going through the motions for yet another week, month, year? Do you want to be part of a close knit team in a constantly growing business? Heck - to coin good ol’ Monty Python, do you like the idea of something completely different? & while you might just think this is just another "Payroll & Credit Control" role, trust us - speculate 2 minutes of your time to read the below & if you still think it’s just "another one of those roles" then I’ll eat my hat SSG have a fantastic opportunity for a Payroll & Credit Control Professional/Superstar/Master to join our committed team here in Berkhamsted. In our beautiful and unique office based on the heart of the High Street, that the fantastic individuals of SSG have really made their home over the last 15 years. Who are SSG? Since 2003, SSG has offered motivated Recruiters a free business launch and brilliant ongoing business support facility in exchange for nothing more than a decreasing percentage of the on-going billings of the business. No fixed costs, no money up-front, no surprises. From our humble starting point back in 2003, we have been fortunate enough to have now established over 300 new Recruitment Companies for our target demographic. One key area we look to support all our fantastic ventures in is the back-office provisions of their small venture; whether they’re a "one man band" or a team of 15-20 consultants, SSG look to support that company as they naturally develop. & of course, a massive part of that support is the back-office functions & accounting templates (alongside a whole host of other areas). Your Opportunity - Payroll & Credit Control Superstar To an extent, it’s an immensely process driven role - needing real care, attention & passion to "do" efficiently. On the flip side, it’s reactive It’s busy, it’s hard work, it’s challenging. It’s a genuine opportunity to have total control over some key accounts, dealing with high turnovers & a large payroll book. You will be in control of the entire timesheet process for some key clients of SSG. From receiving timesheets from locums, to saving those timesheets to a central location to setting up new candidates/clients on system accurately ensuring all correct information is included to sending remittances to umbrella companies. You will become the Timesheet Superstar of SSG (& if that title doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what will) Simultaneously you will be in control of the credit control provisions. This is where you will need to be immensely process driven; we need someone who gets a genuine excitement off powering through & making sure that the credit control process is kept water-tight, secure & reflective of the fantastic jon you will be doing. But it’s not all process driven (you’ll be pleased to hear). One of the fantastic elements of how SSG support of ventures & how the fantastic employees of SSG do their jobs is through the holistic support they give our ventures. This role is no different. You will build a genuine rapport with these clients & will become a valued member of the SSG team in doing so. It’s a fantastic mix of process driven "pure" credit control & payroll alongside a holistic support role apricating that the best way to "get the job done" is to pick up the phone & start building that relationship. Key skills required? You will need to understand the entire process of payroll, & need to have had experience in running either weekly or monthly payroll for some time. You need to appreciate the ups & downs, challenges & pitfalls of working in this fantastic area of business - I know you would have seen your far share over the years, I am sure You will need to be a genuine problem solver, & I know that sounds cliché but it’s true. You will be working very closely with some long-standing clients of SSG who would value a genuine problem solver, a great communicator & a confident "say it how it is" support team around them. I know it’s a challenge, but I am sure (if you have got this far through the advert) you are up for that challenge. In an ideal world, (if one of those actually exists) you’ll have experience working within Payroll & Credit Control in a recruitment background. This is not easy - combining efficiency, resilience, confidence, tough talking, problem solving & more with real care in a genuinely empathetic way. The Rewards? What’s in this for me, I hear you ask? Well, apart from the genuine satisfaction of doing something unique, learning new skills and enjoying being a key member of a totally 'different’ business, you will probably be interested in some of the following stuff: Salary any where up to £25,000 per annum. Exceptionally friendly and helpful colleagues The usual holiday allowances Pension scheme Lovely working environment Constant challenge Full Fat Friday, every Friday As cliché as it sounds, SSG is a wonderful place to work We’re a Genuine market leader, established in 2003 & still innovating Having launched in excess of 250 businesses we are still very keen to progress & in turn expand our offering. We’re innovative, fun & unusual - in all honesty, we realised a long time ago that crazy in fine, boring isn’t Next steps: Please have a good think about why you might want to make this change in career. Are you convinced you want to do something new, something different? Look at our LinkedIn profiles - see who we are and the types of people we appear to be. And finally, when you are fed up with pretending to research the conceptual notion of making the transition from fed-up Payroll person to Payroll Superstar, please pick up the phone or drop me (Max) an email and let’s have a chat. This job was originally posted as