Graduate Audio and Video Engineer

BPlan4U Ltd
£18,000 per annum + bonus
20 Sep 2016
19 Oct 2016
Graduate Audio and Video Engineer Salary - £18,000 bonus The job is part time freelance based on a contract of supply, although facility down time can be used to provide paid for services within the Hub (including film, video, record production and radio commercial work), which the company would split 50/50% with the candidate to go with company pension scheme and quarterly bonus. An exciting opportunity exists for Graduate Audio and Video Engineer who has personality and creativity oozing from every pore, and the absolute best in their class for filming, audio recording, music production and high resolution studio photography. This is a chance to work with a new start up business in need of your freelance engineering and editing skills for a varied client base reporting to an experienced management team at the new Colchester Creative Hub. The company is looking for a trained and suitably qualified team member able to produce a wide range of digital media assets, including but not limited to, social video and viral video posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn that could include customer interviews, product demonstrations, and object flybys using desktop and mobile application hardware and software recording and editing tools for video presentations, voice overs, captioning, transitions, and foley FX for use within customer websites, business presentations KeyNote and PowerPoint, and within our own website by way of demonstration, using the company's YouTube, Vimeo and Sound Cloud channels that you will be expected to set up and manage, promoting our audio, video and photography work using a roster of voice over actors for audio books and booked out sessions for photographers also looking to freelance, and the subsequent managing of book cover creation services within the Hub and managing the publishing and distribution of Kindle, Kobo and iBook variants on behalf of the company through iTunes, Amazon and Audible. An understanding of how to leverage social media and the company's blog for the purposes of promotion, customer acquisition and reputation management would be a distinct advantage whether these article be posts of copy, picture, article, testimonial, video, sound track, point of law, industry fact, or technology review, based on agreed 'creative and business themes' like customer acquisition, innovation within technology, or indiscrete illustration and playful sound track witticisms. A bonus is payable at the end of each quarter subject to the hitting financial milestones as laid down in the company's overall business plan and contract of supply targets. The candidate should have at least 2 years’ experience or be an exceptional and qualified graduate from the School of Audio Engineering, National Film School or equivalent, ideally living within a 25 mile radius or easy commute of Colchester in Essex. A latest 'very high spec' Apple iMac will be provided along with the following hardware and software tools in a dedicated sound proof studio that the candidate will be expected to commission along with an installation contractor in the first 2 weeks (paid for at £10.50 an hour) of commencing work. COMPUTER Editing Avid ProTools for Sound Recording and Editing Choice of a Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Video Editing Choice of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom for Picture Editing Choice of PowerPoint or Keynote for incorporation of audio and video into presentations Izotope and Slate plugins for EQ, Compression, Limiting, Mastering and Audio Correction Subscription to iStockPhoto for accessing film and audio clips Wrap around console for audio, video, computers, screens and monitors Avid Video Mixer to match Audio Mixer as control surfaces Dapulse Project Management Software will be used to audit, schedule and assign responsibility An HD array will be used for local storage and Google and Apple Cloud Drives with shared Hub Google Calendar for offsite back up. AUDIO Editing Dedicated Sound Proof Room for Voiceovers Dedicated Voiceover Sound Booth Neuman U87 and Rhode boom and lapel mikes AKG Studio Headphones Yamaha and Spendor Monitors (as used by the BBC Radiophonics workshop) Avid ProTools with Izotope and Slate plugins Avid 16 Channel Audio Mixer Avid High End Audio Interface and D/A Convertors NI Mother Keyboard Hollywood FollyFX Sound Library 2 X 36" LG Wide Monitors Flexion Isolation filter and pop shield PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO Editing Canon EOS 5Ds Full Frame Camera and tripod with 4K video capability 3 X Umbrella Sync Flash, 3 X Spots and a Spook 2 X Sigma Zoom, Macro and 1 X Tamron standard lens, at F2.8 Yougnou Speedlite Flashgun with 2 X sync heads and Neewar satellite Light box, White Paper Roll backdrop and frame, Trestle table. Various gels, accessories, filters, accessory cupboard and props Motorised Rail system with 3 speed motors for smooth panning. The company which will be marketing itself as Dean Cook Associates, is trading name of BPlan4U Ltd, a business that will be based at the newly built and refurbished 'Creative Hub' at the Old Police Station, 37 Queens Street, Colchester, Essex, expected to open mid To late October 2017. The facility includes easy parking nearby with onsite restaurant and cafeteria. The premises also come with 'Ultrafast' fibre to desktop broadband connectivity making Colchester one of the 5 most connected towns in the UK encouraging collaboration and easy transfer of large audio and video files, to which we will be adding a VoIP phone system and London exchange number. This position is customer facing, thus would suit a welcoming, patient, good natured, warm, fun, hardworking and trust worthy individual who understands the corporate culture of business customers versus the more colourful nature of emotional creatives, and thus how to report schedule manage and optimise their time in best suite the client. On occasion, there may be a need to attend meetings with customers at their site, as well as associated companies and individuals within the Hub to collaborate on larger projects with in-house Designers, Social Marketeers, Web Developers, Voice over actors, Producers, Editors, and Google SEO/Search Specialists, as well as other Graduates from the University of Essex, UK Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Large Corporations or innovative disruptive technologist sponsored by the UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme. An understanding of how Google Cloud Apps work in particular a Google shared drive and calendar, as well as Project Management tools like Dapulse (for which training would be provided) would be particularly beneficial. BPlan4U Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. Please send your CVs by clicking the 'Apply' button. This job was originally posted as