25 Sep 2016
20 Oct 2016
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We are an expanding Green Energy Company and we are achieving many goals recruiting the right people and teams across the U. K Experienced Boiler Replacement , Home Insulation , Paid for Solar Power and Utility advisers needed, We have many new tasks ahead and only be matched by the good standard of our field advisers and canvassers alike. We are eagerly awaiting New Lead Generators working with Advisers and Surveyors with our existing Lead Generating force to supply new customers across the U.K. With the GREEN DEAL and GREEN DEAL FINANCE gone from this world and has basically left a large void to fill with thousands of customers still waiting for more advice to benefit their home. About Room in Roof Insulation The installation of insulation in loft rooms and roof conversions is a specialist task and not a DIY project as there are considerations from both ventilation and fire protection. Several different products are available depending on the roof design and construction. Around 25% of all the heat is lost in an un-insulated room in the roof. You could save you up to £400 a year on your fuel bills by insulating your room in the roof. ALERTING ALL AFTER OFGEM'S NEW RULES FOR INSTALLERS WE ARE 60 TONNE MINIMUM JOB Duties will include explaining the simple role of advising Free Eco 2 Funded Products and Energy Saving Advice to the public and all benefits they will bring to their home. To qualify for Room In Roof Insulation they have to have a fixed stairwell and entrance to hatch . Funding HHCRO , CSCO AND CERO Area qualification ENGLAND , WALES AND SCOTLAND . We are starting NOW and we need the best focus for the best people with experience to promote other measures; FREE ECO BOILER REPLACEMENT NOW AT 11000 LTS FREE INSTALL (U.K AREAS). FREE FUNDED OIL & LPG BOILER REPLACEMENT FOR OFF GAS PROPERTIES U.K AREAS OBJECTIVES Cover local areas to advise the services we offer with customer data capture sheet. EXPERIENCE Experience is priority as we are building fast with advice and updates are provided. BENEFITS Advising the public regarding Boiler Replacement Funding , Fee Solar , with Room in Roof Insulation and the benefits to their homes. HOURS 10 plus per week WE ARE LAUNCHING NEW AREAS NOW AND NEED EXPERIENCED PEOPLE TO WORK THESE AREAS Email us at greenenrgyhub or Call us on /07969224026 About the green enrgy hub: We are an expanding Eco & Renewable company and expanding new areas U.K wide weekly and looking forward to all new Field Sales Surveyors ,EPC Surveyors and Lead Generation Advisers and Managers joining our already active force. This job was originally posted as